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Abies koreana 'Blauer Eskimo'

An unusual shade of gray-green needles provide a back drop for the plentiful resin covered buds on this dwarf Korean fir.  The flat needles are spirally arranged on short, light colored shoots forming a uniform, tight, globe-shaped plant. An excellent rock garden addition that enjoys full sun & moist well-drained soil. 

Abies Koreana 'Cis'

Radiating, dark green needles lie flat on the stems and provide a backdrop for attractive, small, brown buds at the branch tips.  This flattened, spherical plant has a formal, tidy appearance & glistening foliage that draws attention in the garden. 


Abies Koreana ‘Golden Glow’

Especially in winter, this striking specimen lives up to its name. Many shoots loaded with short, wide needles—light yellow with white reverses—brighten the landscape with both color and texture. This compact, mid-size conifer develops an irregular, spreading shape. Provide moist, well-drained soil and some protection from scorching sun in hot areas.

Abies Koreana 'Ice Breaker'

A very fine, relatively new dwarf cultivar of Korean fir.  Has the same strongly-curled needles showing off the silvery undersides that make the species distinctive. Branches are short, stubby and radial. Young plants will be globose, later developing a leader, eventually becoming a small squat tree.


Abies Koreana 'Silberlocke'

This colorful, hardy Korean Fir stands out in the garden with stunning two-toned needles. The needles of this small, pyramidal tree are recurved, displaying the silver-white undersides which give a gleaming color and uncommonly beautiful textural effect.


Abies koreana ‘Silberperle’

An exquisite garden gem, with every compact branch decorated with pearls—really resinous, white buds—during fall and winter. Short, wide, deep green needles, accented with silvery-white undersides, add to the plant’s year-round ornamental impact. Conifer collectors and other discerning gardeners will love adding this dense, very slow growing jewel to their rock or trough displays, where it eventually takes on a pyramidal form. Use caution in hot areas, where harsh rays can bleach the needles.


Abies Koreana 'Silver Star'

Two-toned needles are so tightly curled that the shoots are almost cylindrical, exposing the extremely white undersides completely. The result is a silver-white element in the garden.  Enjoys full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

Abies Nordmanniana 'Golden Spreader'

The bright, golden yellow of this low, spreading fir is especially striking in winter when much of the garden's color has faded. During the rest of the year, the versatile, useful plant brightens areas of partial shade, which it appreciates.


Abies Pinsapo 'Glauca'

The Blue Spanish Fir has distinctive, prickly, steel-blue needles that are short, thick & rounded.  They radiate perpendicularly to the stem on the ascending branches of this upright, full tree.  Said to be more tolerant of adverse conditions than the species. 

Abies Pinsapo ‘Glauca Compacta’

A striking steel blue coloring on this broad upright grower that will reach roughly 6’ to 15’ tall. Has soft textured needles and it a great size for home landscapes.


Abies Pinsapo ‘glauca prostrata’

A superb dwarf variety with tightly arranged evergreen needles on horizontal branches that create a low, dense, and slightly spreading form. New growth emerges soft green and ages to a stunning steel-blue. An excellent specimen for smaller landscapes.

Abies Pinsapo 'Horstmann'

Fascinating, slow growing & globose.  Has blue-gray needles that give it an almost cactus-like appearance, despite typical, blunt pinsapo tips. In spring, red stamens contribute additional character. 


Abies Procera 'Blaue Hexe'

Frosted blue foliage on this miniature plant gives it a big presence in a small garden space.  Short wide needles on short shoots form a low, spreading, cushion-shaped plant.  The slow growth allows it to remain in the same space, even though it will develop a bit of height as it ages.

Abies Procera 'Glauca prostrata'

This variety is in prostrate form.  This steely-blue cultivarient of the Noble Fir grows slowly and will produce one or more upright leaders with age. These leaders can be removed to maintain a prostrate form. 


Abies Veitchii 'Heddergott'

Glossy green needles are arranged perfectly to expose their brilliant bright white undersides giving the plant the appearance of a winter frost even in the heat of summer. A low growing, rounded, spreading plant, this durable selection from Germany is the perfect size for the home landscape.

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