Hydrangea macrophyllas, commonly known as 'Bigleaf Hydrangeas', are ideal for almost any shade setting & are prized for its large flowers and dense foliage.

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Prized for its large, rounded clusters of spoon-shaped, mauve-pink flowers and glossy, heavily textured, deep green leaves. Ideal as a showy accent plant or group for stunning effect. Superb for planting under the filtered light of shade trees.  Blooms in summer & reaches roughly 4' tall by 6' wide.


In mid summer it will glow with large flat flowers composed of very wide deep blue to indigo sterile florets surrounding tiny fertile flowers even deeper in hue. The color holds well providing a flash of brilliant color through the summer. Its bold foliage is a great textural contrast to other surrounding shade plants.  Reaches roughly 5' tall by 7' wide.



Large rounded clusters of enchanting pink blooms that cover this upright, rounded shrub from summer through fall. It makes a charming companion to evergreen shrubs in foundation plantings or mass planted under tall trees.  Reaches roughly 6'-8' tall by 6'-8' wide.


New next Generation Pistachio series introduction that has an exciting color combo. A re-blooming variety that makes the perfect accent in the landscape or containers. Habit is compact, rounded & blooms summer until frost.  Reaches roughly 2'-3' tall by 3'-5' wide.



A variety with large flowers that appear nearly continuously on this exceptional dwarf, compact shrub. Blossoms tend to be blue when planted in acidic soils & pink in more alkaline soils. A wonderful container plant, low flowering hedge or highlight of a flowering border. Highly disease resistant foliage. A repeat bloomer that blooms in summer & reaches roughly 2'-3' tall by 3'-4' wide.

Miss Saori

Long lasting, sizable flowers with unique, double blooms with variegated petals. Cream colored flowers edged with pink pop against deep green foliage & make great cut flowers. Blooms begin in June and arrive on new wood. Full to partial sunlight is best. A repeat bloomer that reaches roughly 4’ tall by 4’ wide.



A well-loved & vigorous cultivar with large, rounded flower heads of a rich, gorgeous blue.  A low maintenance, moderate grower that is great for beds, borders, containers & cuttings.  Blooms in the summer & reaches roughly 4'-6' tall by 4'-6' wide.


Miniature in size & an ideal small shrub for containers, accent or border use in semi-shady areas. Numerous rich pink flower heads add long-lasting enjoyment. Makes a great cut flower. Blooms late spring through summer & reaches roughly 1.5'-2' tall by 1.5'-2' wide.



A variety that is a stunning re-bloomer with shiny, green foliage and light red mophead flower clusters on strong burgundy-red stems. Flowers age to shades of purple. Features an extensive bloom period with notable disease tolerance. Soil and water pH influences bloom color. Compact form is perfect for borders, containers, or mass plantings.  Reaches roughly 3' tall by 5' wide.


Boasts flat, lace-cap clusters of vibrantly colored flowers in the summer.  Plants bloom on the previous year’s wood, so pruning should occur only immediately after they flower.  A great landscape shrub for informal hedges, partially shaded borders and spacious foundation beds. Its blooms make wonderful, long-lasting cut flowers too.  Reaches roughly 5'-7' tall by 6'-8' wide.



An exceptional hybrid with fully double blooms, notably strong stems, a well-mounded form, and lush dark green foliage. Blooms spring through fall. Each flower cluster transforms into an exquisite, pristine white bridal bouquet as a stunning outer ring of large blooms first unfolds, followed by lovely smaller inner blooms. Reaches roughly 2'-3' tall & 3'-5' wide.


A variety with large double-flowered, bicolor, mop-head blooms that range from light pink to pastel blue with a white scalloped edge. This compact shrub produces flower clusters on old wood in spring, continuing the show on new wood, summer through fall. An exceptional choice for smaller gardens and containers.  Reaches roughly 3'-4' tall by 3'-4' wide.


Endless Summer Collection

 This collection is made up of Hydrangea macrophyllas (i.e. Big Leaf Hydrangeas) that are one-of-a-kind re-blooming garden hydrangeas. More blooms, more color, more wow! Click here to see the varieties we carry from the collection.

Let’s Dance Series

 This series represents the next generation of re-blooming hydrangeas with vivid flower coloration and attractive, glossy foliage. Click here to see the varieties we carry from this series.


Seaside Serenade Series

This new collection of Big Leaf hydrangeas improves on traditional varieties with its compact habit, reliable re-blooming, studier stems & thicker leaves. Click here to see the varieties we carry from this series.


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