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All my loving

*A brand new Hybrid rose variety*  The long cutting stems are great for bouquets and the plant’s excellent vigor guaranties a profuse flower production. The color will stay true until the petals drop and the plant will reward you with large clean leaves.

Canyon Road

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety*  Has a unique and novel color. It blooms in late spring with a striking flush of brick red blooms. It shows good tolerance to disease & maintains a pleasing habit. Well suited for use in borders for a striking pop of color.  An own root plant.


children's hope

*A brand new Shrub rose variety*  We all have hopes and dreams. For children, it’s to be healthy so they can play. A portion of the proceeds from each sale of the Children’s Hope rose goes back to The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. A blooming machine of little medium red pompom-like flowers in big clusters. Ideal for a small spots or containers.  An own root plant.

Easy to please

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety* A high performing rose in multiple climates, with a moderate clove fragrance. A SUPER flowerful, upright and vigorous plant that is near perfection!


edith's darling

*A brand new Shrub rose variety* A new addition inspired by Downton Abbey characters. A short, compact & bushy habit perfect to fill a border or confined spot in the landscape with a great flowering show of full-sized blooms with long lasting coloration. Has a strong fresh cut apple & fruity perfume.  An own root plant.

Fruity Petals

*A brand new Climbing rose variety*  A new disease resistant Climber from William Radler, breeder of The Knock Out® Rose. This Climbing rose explodes with a heavy flush of blooms in the spring and reblooms throughout the season. The color is very unique and can be described as coral with a yellow eye.  An own root plant.


Gilded sun

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety*  Has an excellent yellow non-fading color and exceptional disease resistance for the type. It grows well on its own roots and has large green glossy leaves.  An own root plant.

Princesse charlene de monaco

*A brand new Hybrid Tea rose variety*  A very beautiful Romantica® type Hybrid Tea rose. Its very fragrant flowers are fully double and light apricot to shell pink in color. It has excellent disease resistance for the type and will make a good choice for use as a cut flower.  An own root plant.


shining moment

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety* A slightly fragrant pink Floribunda with excellent disease resistance for the type. It blooms non-stop throughout the season & is an own root plant.

Tropical lightning

*A brand new Climbing rose variety*  A one-of-a-kind flower. Each perfectly shaped bud and flower will hold its CRAZY novel color for days and presents some of the glossiest leaves of all roses. Add the dark burgundy red coloration of the new shoots and we will all wish for an endless tropical storm!


Violet's Pride

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety* A new rose in the Downton Abbey character series. An exquisite magenta-colored heart on the inner petals, dense foliage, resilience from diseases & a sophisticated grapefruit and fruit-like fragrance.


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