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Coral Knock Out

*A brand new Shrub rose variety*  A new color addition to The Knock Out® Family of roses. The unique coral color is even stronger in hot humid climates. It blooms from spring through fall and maintains an upright to rounded habit. Young leaves are bronze red.  An own root plant with a slight scent.

Easy On The eyes

*A brand new Shrub rose variety*  A medium pink with magenta-purple heart and cream reverse fading to light lavender with deep smokey purple eye.  Has a medium, rounded, bushy habit.  Has a moderate citrus-like & spices fragrance.


Easy Spirit

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety*  White with cream base coloring.  Has medium, upright growth & spiraled, large, double blooms.  Has long-lasting flowers with a mild tea fragrance.

Eyeconic mango lemonade

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety* The newest color addition to the Eyeconic® series. Compact rounded habit, great color and contrast. It holds flowers much better than other like hybrids.  Has a slight scent & is extremely disease resistant.


Frida Kahlo

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety*  Named in honor of world-acclaimed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.  Has scarlet red striped gold with red blush coloring.  Has a medium, upright, bushy habit with decorative double blooms.  Has a mild fruit scent.

Grape Jelly

*A brand new Climbing rose variety*  Grape Jelly™ has a great novelty color of deep lavender to burgundy depending on the climate. This climbing rose will work well everywhere except in areas with high pressure for black spot. It grows well on its own roots and has a slight scent.


Hot & Sassy

*A brand new Shrub rose variety*  Has smokey dark orange coloring with a yellow eye, finishing to a silver-blue.  Hot & Sassy has a medium, round habit with medium-sized blooms with a slight scent.

Lemon Drift

*A brand new Shrub rose variety*  The Lemon Drift® Rose is the newest addition to the Drift® series. It is a perfect yellow groundcover rose. Its habit is very bushy, compact, and rounded and has a slight scent. An own root plant.


Moonlight Romantica

*A brand new Hybrid Tea rose variety*  Moonlight Romantica® displays large light yellow full double flowers that are fragrant.  It also has an excellent disease tolerance for the type and is an own root plant that is very vigorous.

Parade Day

*A brand new Grandiflora rose variety*  Has unique fuchsia pink coloring striped with bright white.  Parade Day has a medium-tall, upright & bushy growth habit with spiraled double blooms.  Has a strong citrus-like scent with hints of spice.


Peachy Knock Out

*A brand new Shrub rose variety*  The Peachy Knock Out® Rose blooms from spring through fall with attractive pink flowers. The overall color effect is peach with the combination of pink petals that become yellow in the center. The color will be much more intense with the cooler temperature in the spring and fall.  Has a slight fragrance & is an own root plants.


Rosie The Riveter

*A brand new Floribunda rose variety*  Has an orangey-gold coloring suffused with pink and a gold reverse.  Medium, rounded, bushy habit with old fashioned double blooms that have a moderate fruity & spice/cinnamon fragrance.


Sweet Mademoiselle

*A brand new Hybrid Tea rose variety*  Displays excellent disease resistance for the type with large full double blooms that are unique in color.  The color can vary with the temperatures; becoming lighter in color in the heat and deeper, more vibrant pink in cooler temperatures.  The blooms are very fragrant of strong sweet rose & is extremely disease resistant.

Top Gun

*A brand new Shrub rose variety*  Red coloring suffused with dark burgundy.  Has superior plant genetics with extreme disease resistance.  Medium, rounded, bushy growth habit with decorative, semi-double blooms that have a moderate fruity fragrance.


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