These roses combine the charm, beauty & fragrance of Old Roses with the repeat-flowering & exceptional health of the modern roses.

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Abraham Darby

Produces a fine display of magnificent apricot & yellow blooms.  Has a strong, rich, fruity scent that is refreshingly sharp.  Vigorous, hardy, reliable & disease resistant.  An own root plant.

Benjamin Britten

A unique, glowing shade of deep red-pink.  Has an intensely fruity scent.  Very healthy, slightly arching shrub that is disease resistant & an own root plant.


Carding Mill

Beautiful blooms in shades of rich apricot.  Has a glorious myrrh scent.  A compact, rounded shrub that is disease resistant & an own root shrub.


One of the most beautiful yellow roses with exquisite cup-shaped flowers. Strong pleasant tea fragrance. Attractive bushy growth. Excellent repeat-flowering. Disease resistant & an own root shrub.


Claire Austin

Bears large, cupped, creamy white blooms with a strong fragrance of myrrh, meadowsweet and vanilla. Vigorous and particularly healthy with elegant arching growth.

Crown Princess Margareta

Neat, apricot rosettes with a strong fruity tea rose scent.  A magnificent, hard & healthy tall shrub.  Ideal for the back of the border or as a short climber.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.


Darcey Bussell

Deep, rich crimson rosettes.  Excellent repeat bloomer with a fruity scent.  Has short, bushy growth, is disease resistant & an own root plant.


*BRAND NEW* Exquisitely beautiful with an exceptionally long flowering season. Pretty peachy pink buds open to reveal beautiful, pure white blooms, with an attractive hint of pink at the earliest stage of flowering. Extremely disease resistant & has a strong scent. An own root plant.



Exquisitely formed soft pink blooms that have the classic rosette shape.  Has a delicate & charming, sweet old rose scent.  A reliable, hardy, busy shrub that is disease resistant & an own root plant.

Gertrude Jekyll

Beautiful, rich pink rosettes with the quintessential Old Rose fragrance: superb, strong and perfectly balanced. Very healthy and reliable.  Voted twice as England favorite rose.  An own root plant.


Golden Celebration

A magnificent shrub with large, golden blooms.  Has a strong tea scent with hints of citrus.  Very healthy, reliable & easy to grow.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.

Graham Thomas

Voted The World's Favorite Rose in 2009.  Fantastic, rich yellow cupped blooms.  Has a pure, strong fresh tea scent.  Healthy with an upright, vigorous growth. Disease resistant & an own root plant.


Harlow Carr

Medium-sized, pure pink rosettes with a strong old rose scent.  Exceptional repeat bloomer.  Very tough, healthy & is disease resistant.


Soft, clear pink, cupped blooms.  Strong, bushy & very hardy with excellent repeat-flowering.  Almost thornless & is disease resistant.


Lady Of Shalott

Chalice-shaped, salmon-pink blooms with golden-yellow on the reverse of the petals.  Has a tea scent with a hint of cloves.  A reliable, hardy, bushy shrub that is disease resistant.


Flowers with exceptional freedom & continuity.  Has rich yellow blooms with a lovely musk, tea rose scent.  Superb, healthy shrub with upright growth that is disease resistant & an own root plant.


Munstead Wood

Deep velvety crimson blooms that have a strong old rose scent with fruity notes.  Forms a broad, bushy shrub that is disease resistant. An own root plant.

Olivia Rose Austin

An outstanding rose in every way!  A vigorous, compact grower that has candyfloss pink flowers that have a strong fruity scent.  Extremely disease resistant.


Princess Alexandra of Kent

A magnificent rose with large, deeply cupped blooms of warm, glowing pink. There is delicious fresh tea fragrance with aspects of lemon and blackcurrants. Very healthy.  Repeat flowering & ideal for pots and containers.

Princess Anne

Clusters of deep pink blooms with a lovely tea rose scent.  Flowers over a long period of time.  A bushy, upright, compact shrub that is very healthy.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.


Queen Of Sweden

Exquisite, soft pink, cupped blooms on an upright shrub.  Has a classic myrrh scent.  Exceptionally healthy & bushy.  Disease resistant.

Scepter'd Isle

Flowers freely & almost continuously.  Has soft pink flowers with an outstanding myrrh fragrance.  Very healthy with upright growth.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.


Tess Of The D'Urbervilles

Large, cupped, bright crimson blooms with a lovely old rose scent.  Forms a large, healthy shrub with vigorous growth.  Disease resistant.

The Poet's Wife

Striking, unfading lemon colored flowers that have a rich perfume of lemon becoming sweeter & stronger with age.  Growth is quite short & rounded.  Disease resistant.



Winchester Cathedral

Produces massed white blooms that have a strong old rose, honey & almond scent.  Particularly free-flowering & healthy.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.


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