Also called mini gardens, these give you the option of creating your favorite landscapes in mini form.  

Check out some of the many plants we have that do well in dish gardens...

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Aloe Vera 'Delta Lights'

Aloe Vera 'White Beauty'


Anglewing Begonia

Astrid Pep



Crassula ovata arbores 'baby jade'


Danish Ivy

Echeveria 'Rosea'


Fittonia 'Nerve Plant'

Graptopetalum 'Paraguayene'


Green Prayer Plant



Hedera Ivy

Hoya carnosa


Ice Plant

Ivy 'Teardrop'



Kalanchoes Pumila 'Silver Gray'


Lipstick Plant

Maranta Leuconeura


Peperomia 'Silver Ripple'

Polka Dot Plant


Ponytail Palm

Rubber Plant


Spider Plant


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