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corky's honey delight

Notable for its vigorous habit and bountiful fruit, yielding two crops of succulent green figs each year. Sweet, amber-colored flesh with a flavorful honey note.  Available in 15'-25' tall size.

Desert King

An excellent variety for most regions of the Pacific Northwest, Desert King bears abundant crops of abundant, yellowish-green figs with sweet and richly flavorful, strawberry colored flesh. A great variety for gardeners in coastal, high elevation,and other cool regions. Desert King ripens in mid summer when the weather is warmest.  Available in 15'-25' tall size.


Osborne Prolific Fig

Yellow-purple skin coloring.  A great all-purpose fig.  Ripens late season & is available in 15'-25' tall size.

Panache Tiger Fig

Great coloring with green and yellow "tiger" stripes.  These figs are best when eaten fresh when they ripen late season.  Available in 15'-25' size.


Peter's Honey Fig

Yellow-green skin coloring.  Great for fresh eating or for canning.  Ripens early to late season & is available in 15'-25' tall size.

Violette de Bordeaux fig

Great for containers or in small spaces.  Widely regarded as the finest tasting fig, this variety is great for containers or small spaces.  Produces a small abundance of small to medium size purple-black fruit with a very deep red strawberry pulp and sweet, rich flavor.  Ripens early to late season and is available in 15'-25' tall size.



English variety.  Large brown nut, excellent quality.  Ripens mid September & is available in 35'-40' tall size.  Self-pollinating.

Epsilion Filbert Nut

Medium brown nut.  Late pollen shed, many catkins & is disease resistant.  Ripens late September & is available in 15'-20' tall size.  Needs a pollinator.


Eta Filbert Nut

A medium brown nut of good quality and excellent flavor.  A consistent producer that is immune to Eastern Filbert Blight.  Ripens late September & needs a pollinator.  Available in 15'-20' tall size.

Hall's Hardy Almond

Large brown nut with hard shell.  Hardy & bears heavy.  Ripens late September & is available in 20'-25' tall size.  Self-pollinating almond.


Jefferson Filbert Nut

New filbert variety.  Leading nut on the market.  Medium brown nut.  Disease resistant.  Ripens late September & is available in 15'-20' tall size.  Needs pollinator.


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