Long stemmed exhibition quality roses - but in clusters versus one on each stem. Another good candidate for bringing indoors in vases.

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Anna's Promise

Named after Downton Abbey's character Anna Bates for her true heart & steadfast love that transcends trials & tribulations.  Unique coloring of golden petals with a pink blush & a glowing bronze reverse.  Has a moderate fruity with slight spices scent, makes a great cut flower & is disease resistant.

Gold Medal

A vigorous grower with golden yellow flowers brushed with orange that maintain vivid color all season long.  Has a rich fruity scent & is extremely disease resistant.


Happy Go Lucky

Big, fragrant & full of old-fashioned blooms!  A vigorous grower with even pure yellow coloring that has a moderate fruity & tea scent and is disease resistant.


One of the most distinct bi-colored roses ever created.  Stunning red & white flowers that have a slight scent.  Disease resistant.


Miss Congeniality

A standout in the beauty pageant of the rose world!  Whit with pink picotee coloring & a sweet pear with spices scent.  Makes a great cut rose & is extremely disease resistant.


Has an intoxicating blend of autumn colors that capture the spirit of the fall festival year 'round.  Has a wonderful moderate fruity scent & is disease resistant.



*BRAND NEW*  Has unique fuchsia pink coloring striped with bright white.  Parade Day has a medium-tall, upright & bushy growth habit with spiraled double blooms.  Has a strong citrus-like scent with hints of spice.

Pretty Lady Rose

Inspired by Lady Rose from Downton Abbey for its elegance & strength.  Long lasting flowers of dark even pink that have a strong peony with hints of spices scent.  Disease resistant.


Queen Elizabeth

A truly regal Grandiflora with a perfect combination of strength & beauty that has withstood the test of time.  It was voted into the Rose Hall of Fame in 1979.  Lovely pink flowers that have a moderate tea scent.  Disease resistant.

Radiant perfume

This stunning deep yellow garden rose exudes a strong, citrus perfume that will stop you in your tracks.  It is a looker in the landscape & great for cut flowers too.  Disease resistant.



Rock & Roll

Big creamy buds 'set the beat' for whats to become a rockin' show of colors.  Each petal unfurls to reveal a different pattern of striped & splashed burgundy, red & ivory.  Has a strong rose & fruit scent & is disease resistant.

Tahitian Treasure

One of the first Grandiflora roses to have all the great attributes of a landscape shrub rose - strong color, re-blooming, good habit & flower density.  Has slight scent that may be stronger at times & is extremely disease resistant.


Twilight Zone

Big fat buds open to a very double old-fashioned flowers of a deep velvet purple overlaid with a wisp of smoke.  Has a strong clove & spice scent & is disease resistant.


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