These houseplants tend to be on the dryer side & most are drought tolerant.  Those that flower needs more light & water when blooming.

Check out some of the many varieties we have to offer...

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Aeschynanthus speciosus 'orange lipstick plant'

aloe vera


Aloe Vera 'Delta Lights'

Aloe Vera 'White Beauty'


Burro Tail



Christmas cactus

crassula ovata 'obliqua variegata'


crassula ovata arbores ' baby jade'

crassula pellucida 'variegata'


crassula picturata 'tiger jade'

croton petra


cryptanthus 'earth star'

dragon tree



echeveria 'rosea'



euphorbia milli 'crown of thorns'


euphorbia tirucalli 'firesticks'

ficus ginseng bonsai


fish hook cacti

graptopetalum 'paraguayene'



ice plant



japanese juniper bonsai



kalanchoe pumila 'silver gray'


kalanchoe tomentosa 'nigra'

lithiops 'living stones'


mangave 'macho mocha'

Ponytail Palm


Spring Cactus

String Of Pearls


Yucca Cane

Zygo Cactus


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