Honeyberries are extremely easy-to-grow, great as a hedge, they do well in partial shade & are delicious!

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Blue forest

Sweet, tangy and unique! Flavor is comparable to wild blueberries with a hint of currant. Can be eaten fresh, but these berries truly shine when made into tasty jam. Has a spreading-type habit up to 3’ tall. Ripens mid to late season.

Blue Pacific

A special variety prized for its attractive spreading form, light green foliage, and good crops of large, dark blue, tasty berries


Blue Sea

Sought after for its good crops of crisp, very large, excellent quality fruit that is sweet and flavorful. Has a spreading form that reaches up to 3’ tall and has soft, dark green foliage. Ripens mid to late season.


An upright variety that reaches 3’ to 5’ tall that produces abundant harvests of large berries. Produces large tasty berries, similar in taste to blueberries. Great fresh, to freeze, or for preserves. Ripens early to mid season.



A compact grower that has a rounded and upright habit reaching roughly 4’ tall by 3’ wide. Ideal as a hedge or living fence. Large, deep blue berries have an excellent taste similar to wild blueberry tinged with black currant. Great for eating fresh, but also amazing for a jam or jelly. Ripens early to mid season.

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