The classic long stemmed rose for cutting and bringing inside for bouquets.  These are the classic roses that most think of when picturing a rose bush.  

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All My Loving

Long cutting stems are great for bouquets and the plant's excellent vigor guaranties a profuse flower production. The light red to dark pink coloring stays true until the petals drop & has a moderate scent of tea with spices.

Apricots n'Cream

A vigorous grower with a pastel color of ivory to light apricot contrasting well with excellent dark green, glossy foliage.  Has a slight fragrance, is compact & extremely disease resistant.


Barbra Streisand

An impressive rose that shares star qualities with the dynamic woman for whom it is named. Has masses of deep lavender buds that gradually open into layers of lavender tones. Extremely disease resistant & has a strong rose scent.

Best Kept Secret

An exhibition-type flower on a compact plant with great foliage.  White flowers with pink edges & has a strong citrus scent.  Disease resistant & an own-root plant.



An excellent cut rose. Known for its long vase life, Bewitched has rose-pink blossoms with a tempting damask fragrance. A vigorous grower, it has high centered buds that open into 5" blooms of pure deep pink.

Bronze Star

The striking colors set this Hybrid Tea apart from any rose on the market. The blooms clean well, fading to apricot and are set against clean, medium green foliage.  Has a strong spice scent & is disease resistant.


Cinnamon Dolce

A unique & novel color of brick red with pink specs.  Has a strong verbena & citrus scent & is extremely disease resistant.  An own-root plant.


A tall growing variety with non-fading deep pink flowers & a strong scent of verbena & citrus.  Extremely disease resistant & an own-root plant.


Double Delight

A perennial favorite that is very appropriately named & sets the standard for bi-colored roses.  Stunning cream/red flowers & has strong spice scent.  Extremely disease resistant.


Very large, delicately refined, pale primrose-yellow blooms. Extremely healthy. Slight fragrance. A strong and bushy plant; it is an excellent variety for bedding and is suitable for exhibition.


Fragrant Cloud

A dream of a rose that features an abundance of bright coral-red blossoms with a strong honey-sweet scent.  Was voted into the Rose Hall of Fame in 1981.  Extremely disease resistant.


An All American Rose Society Winner.  One of the most beloved, best performing & trouble-free roses.  Gorgeous cream blushing coral pink blooms with a mild scent that make excellent cut roses.  Extremely disease resistant.


Girls Night Out

A very vigorous, upright grower that produces blooms with dark, dusky-pink rose petals accented with a lavender pink reverse.  A great rose for cuttings & has a moderate to strong spicy scent.  Extremely disease resistant.

Good As Gold

 A bold & beautiful variety with rich deep golden orange-yellow blooms finished with a kiss of red.  Produces an abundance of long-stemmed roses great for cutting.  Has a strong grapefruit & citrus scent.  Disease resistant.


Grande Dame

A modern antique variety great in all climates.  A vigorous producer of super saturated rose pink blooms with an intense old rose scent.  Disease resistant.  

Henry Fonda

An immensely popular variety that boasts of distinctly deep yellow blossoms with a light sweet scent.  A vigorous grower with disease resistance.



Pure white flowers with hints of classic Tea rose scent contrast nicely against deep green foliage.  Long stems make it a perfect cut flower.  Disease resistant.

Ingrid Bergman

Utterly elegant, large, deep red blossoms that have a mild tea scent. Dark green, disease resistant foliage that makes a stunning backdrop for its velvety blooms. Disease resistant.


Just Joey

Produces large, ruffled apricot blooms that have a strong fruit scent.  Interesting mahogany tinted foliage make this a wonderful show variety.  Extremely disease resistant.

Lasting Love

Big showy blooms of dusky red & dark pink glimmer against gloriously glossy foliage.  Has burgundy red new growth & a rich pure rose scent.  Disease resistant.


Love’s Promise

Gorgeous bright red color blooms with wonderful strong raspberry scent. Green, leathery foliage has enough disease resistance to keep this bushy plant looking good all season.

Memorial Day

An All American Rose Society Winner.  A great rose for cutting that has clear pink with a hint of lavender coloring & a strong Damask rose scent.  Disease resistant.


Mercury Rising

A great exhibition type variety, vigorous & makes a perfect flower for cutting.  Medium pink with cream coloring & a slight scent.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.

Mister Lincoln

Some call it the best red Hybrid Tea rose of all time.  Long stems, dark leaves with great highcentered dark red flowers that open fully & offer a wonderful damask scent.  Tall, vigorous, everblooming & extremely disease resistant.



Moonlight Romantica® displays large light yellow full double flowers that are fragrant.  It also has an excellent disease tolerance for the type and is an own root plant that is very vigorous.

New Zealand

Soft pink flowers on long stems with glossy green foliage.  Has a strong honeysuckle scent & is disease resistant.


Paris D’Yves St. Laurent

Named after the popular fragrance, this luscious bright classic pink bloom asks to be put in a vase. Blossoms have a mild sweet scent & will last for at least a week. Dark green, glossy and disease tolerant foliage.


The world's most famous rose introduced 60 years ago and more popular now than ever.  Voted into the Rose Hall of Fame in 1976 & later voted Rose of the 20th Century.  Produces brilliant yellow & pink flowers that have a mild fruity scent.  Extremely disease resistant.


Perfume Delight

Absolutely true to its name, this deliciously fragrant pink variety is also one of the fullest.  The glossy foliage with enhance the beauty of the blooms whether in the garden or in a vase.  Disease resistant.


*BRAND NEW*  Buds spiral open to reveal unique blooms of cream suffused with tones of pink and lavender, and finished with a pink picotee edge. A powerful fragrance of spicy verbena ensnares the senses and entices you to cut the abundant blooms for indoor bouquets. Vigorous, upright plants have dark green, semi-glossy foliage that exhibits excellent resistance to rust and mildews. Grown own root.



A very beautiful Romantica® type Hybrid Tea rose. Its very fragrant flowers are fully double and light apricot to shell pink in color. It has excellent disease resistance for the type and will make a good choice for use as a cut flower.  An own root plant.

Smokin' Hot

Unique blossoms have a smokey purple overlay on the fire orange petals of this exciting new variety.  A very vigorous, upright grower that produces excellent cut flowers.  Has a mild tea & spice scent & is disease resistant.


Sugar Moon

Big pointed buds spiral open to show off broad petals of the purest white.  Black-green leaves make the pure white posies pop all the more.  Good re-bloom, natural vigor & long cutting stems.  Intense sweet citrus & rose scent & is extremely disease resistant.


Displays excellent disease resistance for the type with large full double blooms that are unique in color.  The color can vary with the temperatures; becoming lighter in color in the heat and deeper, more vibrant pink in cooler temperatures.  The blooms are very fragrant of strong sweet rose & is extremely disease resistant. An own root plant.


World War II Memorial Rose

This rose was named after the memorial honoring the Greatest Generation.  Like members of this generation, the light pink color does not hide the toughness of this high-centered variety.  Has a wonderfully strong sweet scent & is perfect for cutting.  Disease resistant.


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