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Name means "green coral".  Has striking upright form with pea-green branches in winter. Has bright green leaves in spring that develop into vibrant yellow fall color for extended interest. Reaches roughly 20' X 20'.

Ara Kawa

Name means "rough bark maple" which is true! It has a unique corky bark that shows up after several years of growth & becomes quite prominent as the maple ages. A vigorous grower & hardy. Fantastic fall color with leaves turning bright orange & red. Reaches roughly 25' X 20' in size.


Beni Kawa

An upright vase shaped form of a coral bark maple. The bark is usually more red in winter Fall color ranges from yellow to orange & the bark is red in winter.  Great, intense color for winter interest!  Reaches roughly 15' X 10' in size.


Has attractive foliage with burgundy red coloring that turns brilliant scarlet in fall. Interesting blackish red bark provides striking interest in winter. Slender, airy tree well-suited for use as a small lawn tree or for patios & entryways. One of the hardiest of Japanese maples, with good sun tolerance. Reaches roughly 25' X 25' in size.



An Acer palmatum that has silvery white margined green leaves that cover the densely held branches & become scarlet magenta in fall. New spring growth is pink tinged. A slow-growing shrub-like tree for containers, bonsai or small gardens.  Reaches roughly 12' X 6' in size. 

Emperor I

An Acer palmatum that has attractive dark red foliage that turns brilliant scarlet in fall with interesting blackish red bark. Well-suited for use as a small lawn tree. Better for colder climates than most Japanese Maples since leaf buds open later in spring, avoiding danger of late frosts. Reaches roughly 20' X 15' in size.


Ever Autumn

Has a strong upright habit & large foliage with long-lasting fall color that starts early. Spring color is a bright green color changing to a blend of colors in the fall. Reaches roughly 15’ X 12’.


Named for its luminescent purple-scarlet to crimson red fall colors. Vigorous & quite sun-tolerant, with a slow growing, upright habit. Outstanding garden or container accent specimen. Reaches roughly 12' X 12'.



Name means "jewel".  An upright green Acer palmatum with very attractive foliage, mostly known for it's pumpkin orange fall color. Matures into a compact stocky tree over time & is somewhat slower growing than other similar trees. Has great texture & tolerates full sun.  Reaches roughly 18' X 18' in size.


Has great structure and one of the best varieties for orange fall color. Spring coloring is a yellow-green that changes to a bright orange in the fall. Reaches roughly 20’ X 15’.


Iijima Sunago

Name means "sand sprinkled".  Has rich red to purple coloring in spring & changes to bright yellows & oranges in the fall.  Reaches roughly 20' X 20'.


Produces fantastic pale orange-yellow spring foliage which gradually fades to a medium green in early summer. The soft oranges & yellows return during the fall leaf drop. An excellent tree for small gardens & large patio containers.  Reaches roughly 15' X 15'.


Little Anne's Jewel

A stunning variegated lace leaf that is sure to attract attention. In spring leaves emerge red and pink.  As summer progresses, the leaves turn to a nice mix of burgundy, pink, white and green. It is hardy and and holds its variegation well. Reaches roughly 12' X 8' in size.


Tolerates full sun and seems to grow faster & hold color better in shade than other red leaf cultivars. Leaves come out dark purple in spring & tend to turn more red as summer nears, except in more shady locations where the color remains more purple. It's leaves are slightly translucent and tend to glow when the sun lights them from behind. Fall color is bright fiery red. Reaches roughly 14' X 12' in size.



This upright, green maple has large, broadly ovate leaves with 5-7 lobes. Leaves emerge with a hint of orange-red, mature to rich green, then turn brilliant tones of red in fall. A great specimen maple with larger foliage for summer shade. Reaches roughly 25’ X 25’.


This is a different sort of upright maple, almost weeping willow like.  Has bright green foliage in the spring that changes to a scarlet yellow in the fall.  Reaches roughly 12' x 15' in size.


Orange Dream

In spring the finely-divided leaves emerge a bright chartreuse, each sporting a bold orange-red margin. In the summer heat, the leaves turn solid green. And in fall, they burnish a rich persimmon-red!  Needs PM shade.  A splendid specimen, accent, or foundation planting.  Reaches roughly 12' X 10' in size.


In fall, the bright green summer leaves become brilliant crimson red & hold that color for several weeks. New foliage emerges olive-orange. An excellent accent or specimen tree.  Reaches roughly 25' X 25' in size.


Peve Starfish

A new cultivar that has interesting foliage & an upright, broad form. The leaves resemble a starfish, hence the name. Has bright red coloring in spring that changes to an intense crimson in the fall. Reaches roughly 15’ X 12’.

Pung Kil

Has long slender leaf lobes that create a delicate looking tree. Spring foliage emerges a light red, becoming a dark purple-red that maintains throughout the summer. Fall brings a brilliant red before leaf fall when the purple stems provide winter interest. Moderately sized, it is an attractive tree for many garden settings. Reaches roughly 12’ X 8’.


Purple Ghost

A medium-size, upright deciduous Acer palmatum whose spring leaves are deep purple-red with prominent black veins, then turn fiery-red to orange in fall. One of the very best selections in recent years. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. Reaches roughly 12' X 12' in size.

Sango Kaku

Name means "coral bark maple", for it's outstanding winter color.  A beautiful small Acer palmatum with deeply cut light green leaves that display attractive red margins & turn golden in fall. Thrives in a bright dappled shade or sun in cool areas. Reaches roughly 25' X 20' in size.



Name means "blue green dragon".  Has a fantastic upright, vase-shaped form that displays finely dissected lacy green foliage. Works as an excellent accent or focal point for the patio area. Fall foliage turns an interesting purple-brown then brilliant red. Reaches roughly 20' X 15' in size.

Sherwood Flame

In early spring the color is reddish purple & then turns to crimson red in the fall.  The growth habit is upright with deeply serrated leaves.  Has a nice rounded shape & good foliage.  Reaches roughly 18' X 15' in size.



An Acer palamtum cultivar that has the most brilliant red spring color of all maples! Place Shindeshojo next to a green maple and it is a total knockout! New growth is flaming scarlet that holds for several months. Autumn colors are shades of orange & red. Hardy & prefers sun/part shade.  Reaches roughly 12' X 10' in size.


Enjoy lovely pink-to-crimson tones all season long with this Japanese Maple breakthrough. The pink variegated foliage makes 'Shirazz' a must-have for any Japanese Maple aficionado.  Fall color turns bright red & some afternoon shade is needed for best color.  Reaches roughly 15' X 15' in size.



The popular "lion’s head maple" is a striking cultivar that is a slow upright grower with dense tufts of crinkled deep green foliage on each branch, looking somewhat like the mane of a lion. The leaves are resistant to burning in full sun & develop a good golden yellow fall color brushed with red-orange. Reaches roughly 15' X 15' in size.


A great new Acer palmatum that displays showy color even in hot sunny conditions better than others.  Leaves emerge light green in the spring, turn to golden yellow in summer & then finally bright yellow in the fall. Reaches roughly 15' X 15'.



This Acer palmatum has a broad, upright habit with dense growth.  Bright green coloring in the spring & then in the fall gold appears first, changes to orange, then scarlet until all three colors are on display at once.  Finally, they all go completely scarlet. Reaches roughly 20' X 20' in size.


Distinct dragon paw shaped leaves emerge red, maturing to deep burgundy and finally crimson-red in fall. A classic small specimen or accent that provides great contrast to green-leaved plants. Reaches roughly 18' X 16' in size.


Tsukasa Silhoutte

An extremely upright variety of Acer palmatum. Has bright green foliage in the spring & brilliant red fall color.  One of the most sun & heat tolerant maples.  Reaches roughly 18' X 6' in size.

tsukushi gata

This small upright Acer palmatum with its green bark is a joy in the garden all season long.  In spring the black red foliages highlights the green veins of the leaves. Fall color is fiery red. Is a bushy red variety with outstanding foliage.  Reaches roughly 12' X 12'.


Tsuma Gaki

The famous "Red Fingernails" Acer palmatum gets this name from the bright red tips on the light green almost yellow newly emerging leaves. This color persists throughout the spring fading to a nice dark green by summer. Fall color is bright red. Performs best in partial shade & over time grows into a small round tree.  Reaches roughly 10' X 12' in size.

Twombley's Red

Quickly develops the upright columnar habit for which it has become famous but will widen some with age.  New leaves appear crimson red then quickly darken to burgundy but almost always seems to have a two toned effect most of the year. Fall color is a spectacular red & the dark red stems of the last new growth even add interest to the winter landscape.  Great in tight spots & reaches roughly 15' X 6'.



Known as the "floating clouds maple" - one of the most striking & beautifully variegated Japanese maples. The foliage emerges in spring brilliant white, blushed pink & green. Later in the fall color turns to a purplish-red. This slow growing maple is great for small gardens & in shade gardens. Reaches roughly 12' X 8' in size.

Villa Taranto

An Acer palmatum with an unusual color combination. Leaves open orange-red & gradually turn green with an overtone of light purple-red bronzing in the summer. Shaded portions of the plant remain green giving rise to a two-tone effect. Autumn sees a brilliant change to yellow & orange. Hardy & prefers sun/part shade. Reaches roughly 15' X 10.


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