Fast growing vines that do well in our mild winter climate & will give you delicious, attractive, sweet fruit.

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Hardy Male

Beautiful landscape specimen on its own, serves as pollenizer for fruiting, female varieties. Vigorous growing, deciduous vine. Large, creamy white flowers with extended blooming period. One male can pollinate up to 8 females.


A hard variety that has greenish coloring.  Produces good flavored fruit.  Ripens September to October.  Self-fertile.


Ken's Red

Female hardy kiwi variety.  Produces an abundance of red colored fruit.  Ripens September to October & needs a male pollinizer.

Kiwi Magic

A vigorous growing vine with a fruit-producing variety and a male pollinator together in the same container. Large, creamy white flowers in late spring produce tasty, egg-sized fruit that mature in late autumn. Needs little winter chill and is ideal for milder climates.



This beautiful Arctic male vine is the hardiest of all the Kiwi species. Its unique, light and airy foliage is splashed in the spring with green, white, and pink variegation.  A good pollinator for our female Arctic Beauty varieties, this beautiful vine features strikingly colorful foliage that is often planted alone for their ornamental value. One Pasha™ Male plant can pollinate up to 8 female plants.  Male Kiwi plants do not bear fruit. 


A female fuzzy kiwi variety perfect for cooler climates.  Ripens September to October & needs a male pollinizer.


September Sun

Produces good crops of large, sweet and flavorful fruit and is also sought after for its colorful foliage. Needs a pollinizer & ripens September to October.


A deciduous, vigorously growing variety.  Ripens September to October.  A good male pollinizer. 



A vigorous female fuzzy kiwi variety perfect for mild climates.  Ripens September to October & needs male pollinizer.


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