The Let's Dance Hydrangea (Big Leaf) series represents the next generation of re-blooming hydrangeas with vivid flower coloration and attractive, glossy foliage.

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Blooms on both old and new wood, with a tight, compact habit that is unusual among re-blooming hydrangeas. Large, full flower heads will readily go heavenly blue in acid soils; in alkaline soils, they'll be vivid pink.  Reaches roughly 2' tall by 3' wide.


This re-blooming hydrangea has sepals the size of your palm and baby blue (or pink) lace-cap blooms as big as a dinner plate. Like other Let's Dance re-blooming hydrangeas, this workhorse flowers on both old and new wood, ensuring gardeners of beautiful flowers every summer. Reaches roughly 3’ tall by 4’ wide.



Intensely colored mophead blooms on this re-blooming hydrangea. Improved flower color and attractive foliage so you have a more beautiful garden. Bloom color ranges from a rich violet-purple on acidic soils to a saturated pink on basic soils. Reaches roughly 3’ tall by 4’ wide.


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