Great for shade, flattened, showy flower-heads with a more compact habit than traditional big leaf hydrangeas.

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Has a spectacular lace-cap bloom with a ring of sea-blue sterile florets surrounding a large cluster of rich blue fertile flowers. Blooms in late spring on old wood. Flowers will attain best blue tint in acid soils. Attractive reddish fall foliage. Makes a wonderful accent or border shrub. Great in containers. A fast grower that needs partial shade to partial sun & reaches roughly 4'-6' tall by 4'-6' wide.


A unique variety that fares well in cold weather, making it a perfect choice for lots of landscapes and gardens.  Large, lace-cap flowers are a deep pink-red color which is set off by lustrous, deep green foliage. This re-blooming hydrangea begins blooming in early summer on old wood and continues to produce flowers on new wood through autumn, ensuring a showy, abundant display. Small, rounded habit gives it extra versatility in the landscape - grow it as a foundation planting, low hedge, edging, or specimen.  Reaches roughly 3' tall by 3' wide.


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