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Picea abies 'Cupressina'

Elegant columnar selection, highly valued as an accent or perimeter planting where a strong vertical effect is needed. Dark green evergreen needles are slightly curved on closely set limbs, creating a slender, uniform form with dense branching to the ground. Withstands heavy snow loads. Tolerates heat and humidity better than others. Ideal windbreak or privacy wall.

Picea abies ‘Gold Drift’ 

Adds color to the garden in whatever shape and boundaries the gardener allows it to have. Early spring brings bright lime green new growth. The foliage that is fully exposed to the sun turns a vibrant yellow in late spring and summer. The brilliance continues until winter when the color becomes more subdued. Can be allowed to ramble as a ground-cover, drape over rock walls, or become a garden feature when staked upright.


Picea abies 'Little Gem'

Tufts of tiny green needles cover the many short shoots of this dense, tight bun. Its tough constitution & restrained growth assure good performance in a variety of garden situations where it resembles a lush, green pincushion.

Picea abies 'Pendula'

Can be staked and trained into an outstanding upright specimen, or it can be allowed to grow as an undulating ground-cover that drapes over slopes and walls. Plant a row of several young specimens with  stakes and wire supports to train them into a living fence.


Picea abies 'Pusch'

Named Collector's Conifer of the Year in 2008, this small, slow-growing Norway Spruce, produces loads of bright red cones on many short shoots in spring. The tiny cones brown as they age, but continue to decorate the irregular, dwarf variety year-round. Globose when young, the small spruce develops an upright broad shape with maturity. It is extremely hardy and grows well in full sun or part shade. 

Picea engelmannii 'Bush's Lace'

A vigorous growing form of Engelmann spruce. With a strong central leader, its branches extend out before drooping downward. Unique in that, although the branching is a bit irregular, it still makes a stately presence in the garden. Adapted to dealing with extreme winds & cold.


Picea glauca ‘Jean’s Dilly’

An extraordinary small, dense & slow growing variety.  Its short, fine needles display a distinctive twist during the growing season. A signature plant that is a fitting choice for any garden or landscape.

Picea omorika 'de Ruyter'

Texture, color & an irregular sculptural habit give this adaptable, slow-growing Serbian Spruce unique character & make it an excellent focal point for the small garden. Individual shoots display either blue needles for a frosty look, or green needles for a softer look, both on the same plant. The interesting, rustic appearance will accent many garden styles.


Picea omorika 'Silberblue'

Bright & bushy, this omorika has classic two-tone needles that display a bright silver-blue against a green interior. A wide spreading base supports a sweeping upright peak. Very attractive when planted in deep, rich, well-drained soil in full sun.

Picea Omorika 'Sky Trails'

Deep blue-green needles & a tall, upright, weeping habit distinguish this exceptional selection. Silvery-white bands on the underside of each needle creates a striking contrast. Good as a screen or a stately accent for smaller spaces. 


Picea orientalis 'Firefly'

True to its name, the bright yellow needles of ‘Firefly’ light up the garden with 12 Months of Color®.  It has the classic thin needles that open in spring as a brilliant yellow, softening to gold as the season progresses & standing out against the green interior foliage. The perfect size for the modern landscape, it matures dense, bright & bushy at eye level.

Picea pungens 'Avatar'

A classic Colorado Blue Spruce manifesting the best qualities this species offers. The exceptionally lush blue foliage is especially striking in spring as the new needles emerge as soft blue powder puffs. The distinctive tiered pattern of branching contributes a “wow” factor both as a young tree today but more so in a mature specimen. With a slower growth rate than other popular cultivars, this heritage quality tree can develop to its full majesty in many sizes of landscapes.


Picea pungens 'Lundeby's Dwarf'

Steel-blue needles & horizontally-layered branches make this variety a neat & reliable landscape conifer that becomes wider than tall with age. A rare form of Colorado Blue Spruce, it stays compact & provides an attractive mounding form that stays in scale, even in small urban & suburban gardens. Useful as part of a foundation planting, as a focal point or in a rock garden or container.

Picea pungens 'Procumbens'

This spreading, undulating groundcover produces a striking effect when planted to drape over a rock wall or slope. The attractive blue form makes an excellent alternative to groundcovering junipers.


Picea pungens 'Sester Dwarf'

Stunning blue needles, slow growth rate & classic conical form make this dwarf spruce an ideal plant for the modern landscape. Only about one-fourth the growth of its large parent, it is the perfect small form of Colorado Blue Spruce & it requires little maintenance or pruning to keep its tidy shape. Best in full sun.

Picea sitchensis ‘Papoose’

Has sharp, two-tone, blue-green needles. Late in spring, clusters of buds open at the branch tips and form blossom-like bursts of foliage. The slow-growing tree displays a dense, globose habit when young, but produces a leader with age and becomes a tight, upright, broad shape.


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