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One of the hardiest of fruiting plants, this thornless, low-growing species of Raspberry makes a beautiful fruiting ground-cover. Attractive, 1” diameter, pink flowers bloom in late spring and are followed by sweet-tart, small red berries in July.  Quite productive, with fragrant flowers, aromatic berries and beautiful fall color. Plant two varieties for cross-pollination. Arctic Raspberry is hardy to minus 50°F. and grows to about 6” in height.

Canby Red

Produces large berries & has nearly thornless canes.  Disease resistant.  Ripens late spring.


Fall's Gold

Produces beautiful golden berries that are very sweet in flavor.  A nice variety for a late crop.  Ripens late summer.


An excellent variety.  Produces large berries that are superior quality.  Everbearing, which means it produces fruit throughout entire season.


Indian Summer

A great variety that produces large, sweet berries.  Everbearing, which means you'll have berries to pick all summer long!

Raspberry Shortcake

A new dwarf variety that is completely thornless.  Great for growing in containers.  Ripens late spring.



A reliable variety that is a heavy producer of tasty berries.  Ripens mid summer.


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