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Spring Vegetables

They are here!!! Our cool-season veggies in and ready to go home with you - plus the sun is shining, inviting us all to get outside. Get your favorite vegetables , and maybe a few new ones to try, and get to planting in this beautiful (almost) Spring weather! Growing your own vegetables can be so rewarding, just think of all the delicious dishes you could create!

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Fruit Trees

They are here - so many varieties & fruits to choose from!!! Fresh, home-grown fruit just simply can’t be beat, so why not grow your own? There are even varieties that are great for containers, if you don’t have a lot of space.

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Spring Bloomers

The weather is starting to warm up and it’s finally (almost) Spring! Stunning, and fragrant, spring blooming bulbs are a great and easy to add a happy, pop of color to your patio, porch or yard. Get them as individual plants or get a beautiful grab-n-go container already planted up for you!


Even though these beauties aren’t in bloom yet, now is the best time to shop! Right now you can get the best selection (before the popular varieties are all gone) and if you plant them now, your rose(s) will have a chance to get ‘settled in’ before it’s their time to shine!

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Hot Houseplants

Freshen & liven up your indoors with houseplants! They can be easy to take care of, will brighten up any area & will clean your air too - what’s not to love? So many varieties that are great for every room in your house, all you have to do is choose your favorite. Stop by to see what speaks to you!

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Standout Shrubs

Annuals are not the only plants to provide great pops of color for your yard right now, shrubs are stunning too! Pieris, forsythia, viburnums, early rhododendrons & more, there are so many beautiful blooming choices. Enjoy the change of weather, adventure out & see them for yourself!


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