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We're Open All Year!

Yes, it's true... we are open all year!  We love the holidays and want to share the festive fun with you.  Need a cut Christmas tree?  We have you covered & for a great price too... They're 30% off right now!  Want to make a fresh wreath with your family & friends?  It's easy, we can help!  Looking for some great unique gifts to give at Christmas time?  We have a great selection to choose from that you won't find anywhere else.  Basically, we have you covered for the holidays, so come join us... now!

10% of every tree sold will be donated to the Marysville Food Bank

Fall Is For Planting

Fall is for planting!!!  There are so many great colors & options for fall (not to mention how nice it is when the weather starts cooling down) it's the perfect time to spend some good time out in the yard.  Come see all of the exciting new colorful things we have in stock to get you inspired to get planting in your yard!

Festive Holiday Fun

There are so many decorations out there that look just like everything else.  Not here!  We love finding those unique pieces that are hard to find anywhere else, things that add character, charm & a personal touch to your decor.  Come check out our holiday favorites!

Are You In?

Football season is back again!  We have lots of great items to get you & your entertaining space back in the 12th man spirit!  Signs, yard art, mugs & more to choose from - lots of great ways to show your team colors.

It's That Time Of Year...

Whether you like it, love it or not, the rainy season is back.  Doesn't mean we have to retreat to the indoors, just means we need to properly prepared for the weather.  Sloggers are a great way to do just that!  They keep your feet warm & dry, plus they come in a wide variety of fun prints.  Sounds like you might need a new pair of boots...

Winter Plants

There are still many good plant choices for this time of year.  Colorful conifers are a great outdoor choice, they're hardy, colorful & add great texture to the landscape.  Not interested in being outside in the less-than-ideal weather?  No worries, there are plenty of great indoor plants to keep you gardening where it's warm & dry.  We also have stunning grab-n-go planted containers that make hostess gifts.  Come see for yourself!


  Buy 1, 2 or 10... All of our outdoor pottery is 50% off!  Brand new stock has arrived & there are so many goodies to choose from!  Everything is frost-proof and will last you a lifetime so you're sure to get a great deal for a great price no matter what you find!  We have so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, come find your perfect pot!

If you're an e-club member you get 70% off!

If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for in our stock, you can order directly from Monrovia & have it shipped here to the nursery for FREE!

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