Hydrangea aspera, commonly known as shrub hydrangeas, are more tropical looking than others with large, velvet-like, dark-green leaves and flower buds that are large.

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The first ever purple leaved Hydrangea. A unique shrub with greenish-purple new foliage, the leaves aging to deep purple with rosy purple undersides. Wispy flowers nicely contrast with the dramatic, colorful foliage. Excellent fall color. Needs full to partial shade & reaches roughly 5'-6' tall by 5'-6' wide.


A variety that is more tropical looking than other hydrangeas. Has large, velvet-like, dark-green leaves & flower buds that are large, knobby & deep-rose in color. Blooming August through September, its large blue-purple lacecaps surrounded by mauve florets seem almost iridescent in appearance. Bees are much more attentive to the rough-leaf hydrangeas than other hydrangeas. Needs partial to full shade & reaches roughly 12' tall by 12' wide.


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