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An Acer japonicum variety known as the "Fern-Leaf Maple". The foliage is deep green & has good substance & texture. In the spring the white & maroon blossoms are quite striking.  Fall coloring is brilliant scarlet tone with some purple & will last longer than most maples. One of the best foliage maples.  Reaches roughly 15' X 15' in size.

Arctic Jade

An Acer pseudosieboldianum variety that is a member of the Jack Frost® series of hybrid maples. It has large, green, deeply cut leaves with an excellent branching habit. In autumn, the foliage is an impressive canvas for the dazzling fusion of orange and red tones. It is extremely hardy for harsh conditions & reaches roughly 20’ X 15’ in size.



An Acer shirasawanum known as 'The Full Moon Maple'  or "Golden Full Moon maple".  Has large chartruese orbicular leaves with bright red petioles which make this one of the most desired maples. The golden color develops when placed in a sunny location. Brilliant orange & red coloring shows up in fall.  A rather slow grower that prefers sun/part shade.  Reaches roughly 15' X 15' in size.

Autumn Moon

An outstanding Acer shirasawanum. New growth unfurls yellow to burnt orange, with underlying tones ranging from orange, salmon & chartreuse for the remainder of the season. Exceptional fall foliage displays varying shades of gold to red. A more sun tolerant variety that reaches roughly 20' X 15'.


Ed Wood

An Acer japonicum variety that showcases its very large, fan-like, cutleaf green foliage that turns into radiant yellow, orange & red in fall. A robust, spreading cultivar where arched branches provide a sultry experience to landscape planting. It flourishes well in full sun to partial shade conditions.  Reaches roughly 20' X 20' in size.

Eskimo Sunset

An Acer pseudoplatanus variety & one of the showiest of maples, this striking deciduous tree is sure to catch attention. New spring leaves emerge orange-pink, maturing to shades of deep green, splashed with cream, tan and pink, with rich purple undersides. Excellent fall foliage. Foliage color varies with sun exposure. A stunning landscape specimen tree. Reaches roughly 30’ X 20’ in size.


Final Fire

An Acer pseudosieboldianum variety with new spring foliage that makes a soft entrance with pastel tones of yellow, pink and green. The outstanding and long lasting autumn color display begins with orange tones and gradually moves through wine red and finally fire engine red tones dazzle the eyes before the fire is extinguished with leaf drop, exposing a sturdy, well-branched winter silhouette. Reaches roughly 20’ X 15’ in size.

First Flame

An Acer pseudosieboldianum variety that has spectactular spring color of reds, oranges & yellows. Fall coloring is beautiful shades of red. Reaches roughly 20’ X 15’ in size.


Green Cascade

An Acer japonicum variety with a wonderful pendulous form Leaves are a rich green & feathery. This is a great dissectum with brilliant fall colors that range through yellow-orange tones with traces of crimson. Low growing & vigorous this maple is a very nice addition to any collection. Prefers sun/part shade & reaches roughly 8' X 15' in size.

Ice Dragon

An Acer pseudosieboldianum variety that is an all-season, small garden maple. Spring begins as leaves unfurl blushed orange-red, quickly maturing to green. In summer, the finely divided, delicate appearing green leaves are durable and tolerant of sun and heat. Autumn brings foliage of a kaleidoscope of yellow, orange and red. After leaf drop, the sinuous undulating branch structure is a visual treat during the long cold winter months. Reaches roughly 8’ X 10’ in size.


Indian Summer

A spectacular Acer japonicum variety that has very large leaves that emerge bright green in the spring and in fall turns red to yellow. Has nice large foliage & can provide great shade in summer. Reaches roughly 20’ X 20’ in size.


An Acer shirasawanum whose spring leaves emerge a beautiful pastel orange, changing to gorgeous bright yellow for summer months. This splash of yellow is coupled with bright red seeds that push up above the leaves. A vigorous upright tree, that thrives in the sun! Reaches roughly 20' X 20' in size.



An Acer shirasawanum that is rather new. Has a great display of red to coral coloring in the newer foliage. Fall coloring varies from oranges to reds. Spectacular color that is very nice & showy.  Reaches roughly 20' X 20' in size.

Pacific Fire

An Acer circinatum variety with beautiful creamy yellow & coral red stems that make a striking winter specimen. Has rich green leaves through summer and they then turn yellow in fall. A large shrub or small tree well-suited for a woodland garden, in dappled to deep shade under larger trees. Reaches roughly 6' X 6' in size.


Sunny Sister

An Acer circinatum variety that is small, upright & a great addition to any landscape. Leaves emerge orange-yellow, with pink highlights in full sun, maturing to light green. In fall, leaves change to bright yellow and orange. Reaches roughly 12’ X 6’ in size.

Taki No Gawa

An Acer japonicum variety with large leaves.  Spring leaves are green and turn fantastic reds and purples in fall.  Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil and reaches roughly 10' X 4' in size.


Three Cheers

An Acer circinatum variety that upright & tree-like. The silhouette is an attractive flame shape, twice as tall as wide with unusually tight branch angles. Spring color is a deep green changing to oranges, yellows & reds in the fall. A nice narrow selection of our native vine maple that reaches roughly 12’ X 6’ in size.

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