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Produces large conical shaped berries that are very sweet in taste.  Disease resistant.  Everbearing, which means you'll have fruit to pick all summer long.

Hawaiian Berry

New variety that produces white & red berries that have a pineapple flavor.  A great variety to grow in pots.  Everbearing, which means it will produce fruit through out the entire season.



A reliable variety that is easy to grow & a great producer.  June-bearing.


An easy to grow variety that is a great producer of excellent red berries.  Everbearing, meaning you will have berries to pick all summer long.



An easy to grow at home garden variety that produces sweet berries.  Disease resistant.  June-bearing.


A heavy producing variety that is great for growing in containers.  Disease resistant.  Everbearing.



An easy to grow variety that is great for growing in containers.  Produces huge, sweet berries.  June-bearing.

Tri Star

One of the best varieties around.  Has nice foliage, growth & berries.  Everbearing.



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