February To-Do List

Yikes, where did the month go?  Here we are in February and this is the month that we should dig into the garden in earnest.  Below is a short list of things to focus on.


Prune.  This is the ideal time to prune all deciduous material including fruit trees, roses, vines and summer blooming shrubs.  If you are not sure what to do then come in to the nursery and we will straighten you out.  


Perennials that didn’t frost to the ground should be cleaned up this month.  Ornamental grasses are a classic example.  Evergreen perennials like Hellebores and Epimedium that bloom in the winter need to have their old foliage removed now to make room for the flowers.  


Plant.  February and March are the only months to plant bareroot trees and shrubs such as fruit, shade and flowering trees and berries, rhubarb and asparagus and many others.  Early blooming perennials and hardy herbs are also good to go this month.


Weeds.  A quick trip with the Hula-Hoe can make waste of a lot of weeds in no time flat.  After you have cleaned up your weeds you can keep more from returning by applying a weed preventer like Preen and then spreading some compost over the soil surface.  


Sow seeds.  Root and leaf crops and broccoli and cauliflower and peas can all go in the ground this month and next.  But before you plant be sure and add some organic fertilizer, lime, and compost to the soil.  


Take a gardening class.  Lots of garden centers offer free gardening classes year ‘round.  Check out their websites to see what they are offering.


Go to the Flower and Garden Show.  Not to be missed, this is the premier garden show in the country and is a great way to get excited about the upcoming season. 


Take advantage of the dry weather and get some dirt under your finger nails.