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Taxus baccata 'Amersfoort'

Produces short, flat, oval needles that are unusual for a yew. It develops stiff, dark-green, outward-spreading branches that form an attractive, slow-growing shrub. Adds an interesting texture to the collector's garden.

Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata'

Extremely useful for sun or shade areas. Most commonly used for hedging purposes, it has a naturally upright form and takes shearing well.  A hedge of Irish yew, with its dense form and dark green color, makes a dramatic backdrop for a perennial or mixed shrub border. Irish yews are often used individually, as a vertical exclamation point in a border or paired to set off an entryway.  As yews are among the few conifers that thrive in dry shade, they can be used to provide a textural contrast to other plants in a shady garden.


Taxus baccata 'Silver Spire'

The spirally arranged, glossy, dark green needles have light colored margins. The new growth in spring & through much of the summer displays yellow margins. As the temperatures cool & gardens head in to winter, the margins turn beautiful silver. The narrow, spire-like habit stands out in the landscape with the striking needle variegation. Enjoys moist, well-drained soil. Provide protection from extreme heat.

Taxus cuspidata 'Dwarf Bright Gold'

Each soft-yellow needle has a bright-green striation along its length, which produces a great color combo. The mid-size conifer has an upright branching habit that is wider than tall. Although very hardy, the foliage appreciates protection from scorching summer sun.


Taxus cuspidata 'Nana Aurescens'

New growth on this low-growing, Japanese Yew bursts on the scene in a splash of brilliant goldenrod. Since second-year foliage goes dark green, each year's new growth makes another dramatic splash of color when it emerges. The shade tolerant, adaptable, colorful conifer has a wider-than-tall, spreading habit.

Taxus x media ‘Beanpole’

An extremely narrow, slow growing, fastigiate selection of Anglo-Japanese yew with dark green foliage.


Taxus x media ‘Emerald Spreader’

This exceptional, cold hardy, evergreen shrub is a perfect low-maintenance choice for ground cover, large scale borders or a low hedge. Strong and sturdy, it provides good erosion control on slopes. The attractive dark green foliage retains its color in the coldest of winters.

Taxus x media ‘Huber’s Tawny Gold’

A dense, spreading evergreen with attractive tawny-gold needles. Provides excellent contrast when massed under the canopy of trees. This versatile and durable shrub has a naturally attractive vase shape and tolerates shearing well, making it ideal for use as a specimen plant, in foundation plantings or low hedges, and in borders.


taxus x media ‘Repandens’

An exceptionally handsome evergreen conifer for sun or shade. It is low growing, with arching branches that droop at their tips. This spreading habit makes it ideal as a medium-sized ground cover. Like other yews, it takes pruning well, even into old wood. However, its lovely form develops best when it is given enough room to spread and is left unpruned. spreading English yew has very dark green needles year-round and is one of the few conifers that thrives in shade.


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