Strong, sturdy, and ever so lovely, climbing hydrangeas will wind their way up trees and walls to add extra beauty to any shady facade.

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H. anomala MIRANDA

A vigorous vine that clings by aerial rootlets to brick & stucco. Dark green variegated foliage has yellow to creamy white margins. Showy fragrant white blooms in late spring to early summer. Mature plants show exfoliating reddish brown bark, adding to winter interest. Can also be used as a groundcover. Reaches roughly 30' tall by 5'-6' wide.


Clings to surfaces by aerial rootlets. It has a slow growing, shrubby habit until established, then becomes quite vigorous, producing long, fast growing stems. Lush green foliage is blanketed with magnificent, white lace-cap blooms in summer and it reaches roughly 50' to 80' long.



An elegant evergreen climber that will beautifully cover vertical surfaces with glossy evergreen leaves, the vigorous stems clinging by means of aerial roots. New foliage is tinted bronze, held by red petioles. Mature plants produce showy, white, lace-cap blooms. Perfect for a north facing wall or cloaking the bare trunks of tall evergreen trees.  Blooms early summer & reaches roughly 30'-40' long.


A rare climbing variety with mid-green, rounded, thick, glossy foliage that often has burgundy tones when young. In summer it offers copious amounts of ivory white flowers that first emerge as tight ivory clusters resembling duck eggs. Water well until established, especially if planted at the base of a tree.  Reaches roughly 20' to 30' long.


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