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Take Me Home

Who says sale items have to be tired & past their prime?  We sure don't!  Our sale section is growing with more & more fabulous plants every day - that means saving 50% off or more on healthy & beautiful plants!  Come see what treasures you can find for your yard?

Are You In?

Football season is back again!  We have lots of great items to get you & your entertaining space back in the 12th man spirit!  Signs, yard art, mugs & more to choose from - lots of great ways to show your team colors.

Blooms Of Beauty

So many show-stopping blooms in their full glory!  The weather's cooled down, sounds like the perfect time to plant.  Annuals & perennials for both shade and sun are as lovely as can be and ready to find a home in your yard or container!

Proud To Protect Our Pollinators

Protecting our PNW pollinators is easier than you think!  It's as simple as adding a few pollinator friendly plants to your yard or garden that will provide food & shelter for these important flying friends.   


To Find pollinator friendly plants, Click here! 

Colorful Containers

Liven up your patio or porch by adding quick & easy color!  We have a huge selection of gorgeous, ready to go containers that need a home.  Find the perfect one (or two) that matches your personality & style.  You can even pass them off as your own... we won't tell! 


Hot Item Houseplants

Bring life and clean air into your home!  Houseplants are a great way to add character, charm & life to any room in your house.  We have loads of amazing unique houseplants to choose from!  Come see which ones fit your style & personality...

We have a brand new Houseplant Plant page... check it out right here!

Gifty Decor

It's finally summer, the perfect weather to relax on your patio or porch.  Spruce it up to feel like new with fun new decor items.  Hey, they even make great gifts for all these summer parties you find yourself going to!

Check out our Indoor & Outdoor Gifts, right here!


  Buy 1, 2 or 10... All of our outdoor pottery is 60% off!  Everything is frost-proof and will last you a lifetime so you're sure to get a great deal for a great price no matter what you find!  We have so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for in our stock, you can order directly from Monrovia & have it shipped here to the nursery for FREE!

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