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Summer Shade

Beat the summer heat by gardening (or hanging out) in the shade!  There are lots of great plants that love the shade too!  Hydrangeas, shrubs, annuals, or perennials - so many shade-loving choices! 

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It's hydrangea time!  They are classic & worthy of being in every yard.  Plus, with all these new varieties on the market there are so many unique choices that would shock your grandmother and her hydrangeas.  Their time to shine is coming quickly and they are great to enjoy in your yard and as cut flowers in your house!

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Keep it local with Natives!

🎉Let’s hear it for native plants!!!🎉 They help provide food & shelter for pollinators & wildlife, help restore our crucial ecosystems, are easy to grow successfully, are long-lasting and require little water or maintenance! #winners


Bee Pollinator Friendly

Pollinators are incredibly vital to our ecosystem and it's important for us to do our helpful part.  Perennials are a great way to add beautiful, colorful, long-lasting plants to your landscape while giving our pollinator friends a feast!  

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Berry Kid-Friendly

Growing your own food is easier than ever with thornless, dwarf-sized varieties that make gardening fun for everyone.  Now you can worry less and garden more together!

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Sweet Succulents

Color, texture & life... succulents bring a lot to the party.  Whether they're indoor or outdoor, succulents add such a personal and fresh touch to any space.  Try adding some succulents to your open spaces!


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