Climbing roses are very versatile.  You'll find a hundred different ways to include them in your garden - climbing poles, pillars, arches, & trellises, along a fence or even covering the side of a house.

Check out some of the many varieties we have to offer...

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Above All

A very attractive salmony orange flower color that remains strong, combined with a nice fruity fragrance and a high level of disease resistance. Above All stands proud above the competition of other Climbers with its excellent vigor. The good winter hardiness allows it to perform with continuous blooming from spring to fall in multiple climates.

Don Juan

Dark velvety red, richly fragrant flowers that have dark green, glossy foliage and long sturdy canes. Disease resistant.


Fourth Of July

An explosion of eye-popping color from big sprays of large long-lasting blossoms that have a mild citrus & rose scent. Blooms and re-blooms readily in the very first season. Sparkling green foliage, superb vigor, good hardiness & extremely disease resistant.


A new disease resistant Climber from William Radler, breeder of The Knock Out® Rose. This Climbing rose explodes with a heavy flush of blooms in the spring and reblooms throughout the season. The color is very unique and can be described as coral with a yellow eye.  An own root plant.


Golden Showers

A popular yellow climber for over 50 years that has bright yellow-gold flowers with a honey-like sweet scent.  Blooms spring through fall on robust plants.  Disease resistant.


Grape Jelly™ has a great novelty color of deep lavender to burgundy depending on the climate. This climbing rose will work well everywhere except in areas with high pressure for black spot. Has a slight scent & is an own root plant.


Joseph's Coat

A continuous kaleidoscope of ever-changing yellow to scarlet back to orange & carmine has made this rose a classic.  Has a light tea scent & blooms on new as well as old wood.  Disease resistant.

Lady In Red

Exquisite, deep red, English style blossoms that have a light tea scent cover this spirited climber from the top to the bottom. Effortlessly grows on a fence or trellis and it works well as a screen or backdrop in the perennial garden. Disease resistant.


Pearly Gates

This pastel pearl pink is a hard-to-come-by hue in climbing roses.  Produces big, gorgeous, well-formed flowers saturated with a strong spice & rose scent.  Blooms on new & old wood & is extremely disease resistant.

Pretty In Pink Eden

Produces deep pink flowers that have a fragrant floral vintage rose scent.  A vigorous grower that is extremely disease resistant & an own root plant.


Purple Splash

A whole new color in climbers!  Produces large clusters of wine purple flowers striped with bright white that pair well with its green-apple foliage.  Has a moderately strong spice & rose scent.  Disease resistant.

Raspberry Cream Twirl

Produces consistently deep pink & white striped flowers that have a slight green apple scent.  Extremely disease resistant & an own root plant.


Smiley Face

A true yellow climbing rose perfectly suited for West coast landscapes. The glossy foliage contrasts well with the luminous, intense yellow color. An excellent repeat bloomer, this variety is very resistant to mildew and rust. An own root plant.

Tropical Lightning

There is really no other rose in the world that comes close to this extraordinary color blend. The tropical warmth comes in the form of rich sunset-like orange while the dazzling lightning is generated by bright cream stripes. The effect is accentuated by a layer of purple smoke creating a burnt orange combo, perfect for a stormy sky! Each perfectly shaped bud and flower will hold that CRAZY novel color for days and the prolific and vigorous plant will only slow down the flowering as it transitions into winter. If the extraordinary bloom colors were not enough, Tropical Lightning presents some of the glossiest leaves of all roses. Add the dark burgundy red coloration of the new shoots and we will all wish for an endless tropical storm!


White Eden

Old-fashioned white flowers cover this very vigorous climber from head to toe in the spring.  Has a slight scent, is disease resistant & an own root plant.

Zephirine Drouhin

Produces an abundance of old-fashioned pink flowers in spring and fall.  Thornless & has a strong damask rose or bourbon scent.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.


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