Floribunda Roses are excellent roses for landscaping as they are shorter than Hybrid Teas and they produce profuse clusters of blooms from spring until the first frost. 

Check out some of the many varieties we have to offer...

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Betty Boop

Named after the beloved American animated character for her spunk, sparkle, style & stamina.  Yellow ivory edged with red colored flowers that have a moderate fruity scent & abundant blooms that repeat quickly.  Extremely disease resistant.

Brick House

Brick House™ has an excellent strong, dark red flower color and reblooms throughout the season with a lot of flower power on each flush. It has excellent disease resistance for the type and has a slight fragrance.


Candy Cane Cocktail

Displays bi-colored blooms of white suffused with deep pink to red edges.  A re-bloomer & an own root plant.  Extremely disease resistant.


Has a unique and novel color. It blooms in late spring with a striking flush of brick red blooms. It shows good tolerance to disease & maintains a pleasing habit. Well suited for use in borders for a striking pop of color.  An own root plant.



Named to honor America's famous glass artist, Dale Chihuly.  This rose has it all, impeccable style & an ever-changing array of flashy colors.  Has a mild tea scent & is disease resistant.

Cinco De Mayo

An All American Rose Society winner!  Boasts a non-stop display of smoked lavender & rusty red-orange flowers.  Has a mild apple scent & is extremely disease resistant. 


Doris Day

Inspired by big screen & singing legend, Doris Day.  Blooms are full of pure even gold-yellow sunshine coloring & will sweeten up your garden with their fruity & sweet spice scent.  Disease resistant.

Easy Going

Delectable peachy golden-yellow color that holds to the very end.  Has a moderate fruity scent, a busy habit & is disease resistant.



*BRAND NEW*  White with cream base coloring.  Has medium, upright growth & spiraled, large, double blooms.  Has long-lasting flowers with a mild tea fragrance.


A high performing rose in multiple climates, with a moderate clove fragrance. A SUPER flowerful, upright and vigorous plant that is near perfection!



*BRAND NEW* The newest color addition to the Eyeconic® series. Compact rounded habit, great color and contrast. It holds flowers much better than other like hybrids.  Has a slight scent & is extremely disease resistant.

Fired Up

Has very unique & striking yellow and orange striped colored flowers.  Re-blooms well & color does not fade.  Has a slight scent, is disease resistant & is an own root plant.



*BRAND NEW*  Named in honor of world-acclaimed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.  Has scarlet red striped gold with red blush coloring.  Has a medium, upright, bushy habit with decorative double blooms.  Has a mild fruit scent.


Has an excellent yellow non-fading color and exceptional disease resistance for the type. It grows well on its own roots and has large green glossy leaves.  An own root plant.


Hot Cocoa

The colorful hues vary with different climates, maybe it's chocolate, maybe it's smoky or brick or russet.  Either way it's stunning & has a sweet moderate fruity scent.  Easy to grow & disease resistant.

Julia Child

Named after the legend herself who loved the buttery-gold color of this rose.  Has a strong licorice & spice scent, a rounded habit & is great for cuttings.  Disease resistant & an own root plant.


Jump For Joy

Delectable peachy-pink coloring sets this rose apart.  Has a mild apple scent, produces large showy clusters & is disease resistant.

Ketchup & Mustard

A layer of the brightest red on top, the backside made of the deepest yellow set atop the greenest, glossiest leaves... talk about a striking combination!  Has a light scent & is extremely disease resistant. 


Love Song

Theses lovely lavender old-fashioned flowers seem to last & last, without loosing their splendid color.  Has a mild citrus scent & is disease resistant.

Oh My!

This is the red that American's love... deep enough, velvety enough, bright enough, long-lasting enough... it's just right.  Has a mild scent & is extremely disease resistant.



A compact blooming machine of orange-scarlet with yellow 'eye' semi-double blossoms that have a sweet, apple scent.  Extremely disease resistant.

Pumpkin Patch

Buttery-rich coppery buds open into clusters of fragrant octobery-orange beauties that have a moderate fruity scent.  Appreciates a little afternoon shade.  Extremely disease resistant.


Purple Tiger

Not just every flower, but every petal is a varying masterpiece of purple, lavender & white stripes, streaks, flecks, dots & dashes.  Has a powerful scent of citrus blossom & rose.  Disease resistant.

Rainbow Sorbet

Medium to large blooms come in shades of bright yellow, orange & red and finish into a stunning yellow-pink.  Has a slight scent & is disease resistant.



*BRAND NEW*  Has an orangey-gold coloring suffused with pink and a gold reverse.  Medium, rounded, bushy habit with old fashioned double blooms that have a moderate fruity & spice/cinnamon fragrance.


A slightly fragrant pink Floribunda with excellent disease resistance for the type. It blooms non-stop throughout the season & is an own root plant.



Recognized as one of the top 10 roses in the world.  Has a deep lasting yellow color, super sweet fragrance, lots of glossy deep green leaves, an attractive bushy plant & good disease resistance.  Not a bad combination!  There always seems to be some great color on this rose.


*BRAND NEW* A new rose in the Downton Abbey character series. An exquisite magenta-colored heart on the inner petals, dense foliage, resilience from diseases & a sophisticated grapefruit and fruit-like fragrance.


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