Highly productive, decorative vines that will give you lots of tasty fruit great for many different uses.

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Black Monukka

A black table grape variety.  Large seedless purple grapes that have great flavor.  Ripens early to mid season.


An incredibly versatile, easy-to-grow seedless grape that does it all, from snacks to salads to jelly, juice, & wine. Has a sweet, great grape flavor with a unique hint of spiciness & ripens early season.



A vigorous, hardy, deciduous vine with bold-textured, deep green foliage. Grown for its medium-size clusters of round, dull purple-red grapes. Catawba grapes are well-suited for jellies and juices, and for sweet white, red and rosé wines. Fruit ripens mid to late season.

Flame Seedless

An easy to grow variety that produces clusters of firm red table grapes.  Ripens early season.


Himrod Seedless

An abundant producer of golden yellow table grapes with good flavor.  Ripens early season.


Crisp medium-sized fruit with a refreshing tangy flavor. Seedless, Good for making raisins. Ripens in mid- to late-August.



Large, nearly seedless, blue-black fruit have a muscat flavor. Produces abundant, beautiful clusters of good table grapes. Ripens mid September.

Reliance Seedless

A deep-red grape that is flavor-packed & perfect for eating fresh. Vigorous vines produce generous clusters. Seedless. Ripens in August. 


Suffolk Red

A good sized, red, seedless grape with excellent quality & flavor.  Ripens mid to late season.

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