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Ash's Scarlet

A wonderful lace-leaf variety that has red spring coloring.  Foliage changes color in the fall to a brilliant scarlet red.  A smaller "dwarf" lace-leaf maple that reaches roughly 2' X 3' in size. 

Baby Lace

An interesting lace leaf maple that has leaves that are half the size of normal dissectum leaves. The leaves emerge reddish orange & then become bronze-green for the summer. Fall color is red with orange. Prefers morning sun & afternoon shade.  A small & tidy variety that reaches roughly 3' X 4' in size.



In spring, leaves emerge much more of a deep red than the burgundy color of most "red" Japanese Maples. Soon after, most of the leaf turns green leaving just the margins a very attractive red. The red & green of the bi-color leaf makes the overall tree appear almost orange & gives it a very distinctive appearance.  Fall color ranges from yellow to red to orange.  Afternoon shade is needed for best color.  Reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size.

Crimson Queen

A low-branching, dwarf tree with a delicate weeping effect. Foliage holds its beautiful crimson color throughout summer & can turn bright scarlet in autumn. Sun-tolerant in cooler regions, with sunlight intensifying the foliage color. Thrives in a bright dappled shade setting elsewhere. A classic red lace-leaf variety that reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size.


Ever Red

A dwarf tree with delicate weeping effect that is a classic red lace-leaf maple variety.  Foliage holds beautiful deep red color throughout summer before dropping in fall. Well-suited for use as a small lawn tree or on patios & entryways.  Reaches roughly 6' X 10' in size.


A classic red lace-leaf maple variety. Leaf color is a rich red-orange color similar to the gemstone, 'Garnet'. Color changes to a vivid scarlet in the fall. A vigorous grower that matures to form a beautiful, cascading, mound-shaped. Reaches roughly 6' X 10' in size.


Irish Lace

In the spring, foliage emerges reddish-pink & summer displays red-green coloration. Come fall, leaves a brilliant red! The only lace-leaf maple with pink new growth!  As a slow-grower it makes an excellent tree for bonsai or a container garden.  Reaches roughly 5' X 5' in size.

Jeddeloh Orange

A new orange-red weeping dissectum that is rare.  Spring color is orange, red & green.  Autumn color is a vivid scarlet. This maple is constantly changing with brilliant colors, so your landscape is never boring!  Reaches roughly 4' X 6' in size.



Lemon Lime Lace

The new leaves in spring are light green almost yellow and darken as they age giving the entire tree a two-toned effect that is quite striking.  The growth habit is very pendulous and fall color ranges from gold to orange but is always spectacular. Reaches roughly 4' X 5' in size.


New shoots reach out like an octopus’ tentacles! In spring, leaves on this weeping maple emerge rosy-red with a strip of green down each lobe’s midline. They later display a fine plum-red color. By summer, each leaf turns copper-red, maintaining their green centers & come autumn, vibrant crimson-red foliage! Great for a container. Reaches roughly 6' X 10' in size.



An exceptional selection of the lace-leaf Japanese maples. The new spring leaves are bright orange-red when they first emerge & retain an orange undertone as they fade to a summertime red-green. The foliage color is enhanced by a second flush of orange-red new growth in mid-summer. Fall color tends to be in dramatic fiery tones of red & orange. Reaches roughly 4' X 6' in size.

Otto's Dissectum

Very nice lacy green dissectum that bronzes in the sun giving the maple lovely orange hues over a green base. Fall color is strong orange in color. Best in sun/part shade. Reaches roughly 3' X 4' in size.


Pink Lace

This little dissectum emerges in spring with pink edges to its chartreuse leaves. In summer it turns a nice medium green. Fall color is generally gold.  Does best in partial shade & reaches roughly 5' X 8'.

Red Dragon

One of that darkest lace-leafs.  Beautiful purple leaves are deeply dissected for an attractive lacy texture. Spring coloring is a purple-red with fall foliage becoming a scarlet to bright apple red color. Stunning focal point or accent for lightly shaded locations. Reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size.


Spring Delight

A deciduous, weeping, mounding dissectum. In spring, the marvelous pale green leaves are edged in red. Fall color is vibrant shades of orange & red. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil.  Reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size.


A variegated lace-leaf maple.  Spring color is a variegated green to white changing to yellow & orange in the fall.  Reaches roughly 3' X 6' in size.



A mound-shaped, dwarf tree with waxy, deep red bark and graceful cascading branches. Deeply cut and dissected purple-red foliage throughout the spring & summer eventually changing to bright red & blended coloring in fall.  Needs afternoon shade for best color.  Reaches roughly 8' X 12' in size.


This captivating dwarf Japanese maple is a classic green lace-leaf variety.  Lacey foliage & strongly cascading branches form an elegant dome-shaped specimen over time. Has a light green color in spring & In autumn the leaves turn bright orange with golden yellow undertones & crimson highlights. Mature plants have lovely & elegantly twisted branches that standout through the winter months. Reaches roughly 6' X 8' in size.



A bit of a larger green lace-leaf variety that displays exciting cascading branches.  Has large green leaves in the spring & gold with scarlet coloring in the fall. Reaches roughly 8' X 10' in size.


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