These perennial beauties are pretty plants for sunny spots that attract pretty pollinators.  Here are a just a few of the many great varieties we have to offer...

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Blooms mid-spring through summer & has showy flowers that are perfect for cutting. A versatile perennial tailor made for spatially challenged gardens. Line them up for a quaint edging or plant in massing for seas of blue or combine them with other perennials in beds and borders. Can be striking in larger pots and containers. Requires full sun & reaches roughly 3-4’ tall by 2-3’ wide.



Light, airy flower spikes bloom from mid summer to fall. Has compact habit and fragrant flowers. Drought tolerant and very attractive to all pollinators. Requires good drainage and partial to full sun. Has a compact, fast growing form, it is easy to care for & reaches roughly 18” tall & wide.


Blanket Flower

Large, boldly colored flowers on a compact, heat and drought tolerant plant. Has showy flowers that are perfect for cutting. The reliable summer-long blooms make a great impact in landscape or containers. A must-have for sunny beds and borders. Spent flower heads attract goldfinches. An herbaceous perennial that attracts birds. A moderate grower that requires full sun & reaches roughly 1’ tall by 2’ wide.

Butterfly Bush

Spectacular summer color from lightly fragrant flower spikes. A fast growing shrub that works well as a foundation shrub, an accent plant or as a background in borders. Slightly hardier than other varieties, but may die to ground in cold winter areas, emerging vigorously in spring. Deciduous. Blooms mid summer to fall & is easy to care for. A fast grower that reaches roughly 6'-8’ tall by 4’-6’ wide & requires full sun.


Butterfly Milkweed

This easy-care, well-behaved plant needs little attention and provides wonderful color. Tolerant of lean, unimproved soils. Ideal for naturalized areas, meadows, and borders. An herbaceous perennial. A fast grower that reaches roughly 2’-3’ tall by 2’ wide & requires full sun.


Low growing clumps of dark green foliage smothered by lovely, upturned-bell-shaped flowers that arrive earlier in spring than most, creating a delightful, colorful carpet for several months into summer. A favorite perennial for rock gardens and cottage borders. A lovely filler for mixed container plantings. An herbaceous perennial. An easy to care for, moderate grower that reaches roughly 5”-7” tall by 6”-8” wide, requires partial sun & attracts hummers.


Cape Fuchsia

Tall stems show off loose clusters of vivid flowers above compact mounds of deep green foliage - perfect for cut flowers. Needs little care once established. A must for mixed borders, succulent or naturalized landscapes, where it will add a vibrant burst of color. Perfect for bird and butterfly gardens. Has a long bloom season of summer to fall & a round, compact growth habit that reaches roughly 2’ tall x 2’ wide.


Large, showy flowers are held upright on compact plants, reaching roughly 16”-18” tall and wide. Cheery color for informal woodland gardens and formal mixed borders and containers. Tolerates a wide range of soil as long as it is well drained. An herbaceous perennial that needs partial to full sun. It is an easy-to-care-for, bird friendly plant perfect for cut flowers.



Has a profusion of care-free, colorful summer flowers on this refined, airy form that creates a showy display in sunny borders and beds. The cheery blooms blanket the airy, green foliage throughout summer, withstanding heat and humidity. Well-suited for containers and hanging baskets. An herbaceous perennial that needs full sun that reaches roughly 12”-18” tall by 24” wide.


Gorgeous vibrant flowers that bloom atop green, swordlike foliage. This hardy cultivar adds a tropical flair to northern gardens. Tolerant of summer heat and humidity, needs partial to full sun. Popular as a cut flower or in perennial borders and makes a great gift! An easy care plant that attracts butterflies & hummingbirds and reaches roughly 2’-3’ tall by 1’-2’ wide.



A compact mound of foliage with a profusion of dazzling, showy flowers on strong stems that don't flop. Easy to grow and excellent as edging and in containers. Creates a nice groundcover when massed in borders. A hardy herbaceous perennial that needs full sun. A dwarf plant that only reaches roughly 10”-12” tall by wide & would make a great gift.

Dwarf Pincushion

Enjoy cheerful, colorful flowers for an extra long season in summer. Delightful flowers top tall thin stems above finely cut, gray-green clumping foliage. An easy care perennial that needs full sun & reaches roughly 15” tall by 15” wide. Great in borders, cutting gardens or in mass plantings.



Big, bright, colorful blooms for an easy, colorful summer border. A must-have for sunny gardens, this drought tolerant perennial was bred for cold hardiness and compact form with prolific flowering over an exceptionally long season. An herbaceous perennial that needs full sun, is easy to care for & is bird friendly. Reaches roughly 24” tall by 20” wide. Perfect for borders, containers, cutting gardens, mass plantings, rock gardens or wildlife gardens.


Enjoy nearly year-round flower clusters on this upright, compact evergreen shrub. Finely textured, glossy, deep green foliage emits a sweet fragrance in warm weather. Thrives in coastal conditions. A great choice for a screening or hedge plant with fine, dense foliage that responds well to shearing. A showy flowering shrub that needs partial to full sun and reaches roughly 5’-6’ tall & wide.


Garden Phlox

Delicious colored flowers that bloom in early summer, filling the garden with a sweet fragrance until fall. A vigorous, disease resistant choice for borders, rock gardens, beds and meadows. An herbaceous perennial that needs full sun & reaches roughly 20”-28” tall & wide. A fast grower that is easy to care for.


Brilliant colored flowers rise above the neat tufts of green, lobed foliage. An easy, low maintenance addition to borders and rock gardens with continuous blooms that will provide dynamic color and interest over a long season. An herbaceous perennial that thrives in cool summer climates, needs partial to full sun & reaches roughly 15”-18” tall by 12”-18” wide.


Hardy Geranium

One of the longest blooming perennials in the garden! Vibrant flowers appear nearly all summer long until frost. It should be a staple in every landscape. Deadheading is not necessary, attracts butterflies & is resistant to deer and rabbits. Needs part sun to sun, is easy to care for & reaches roughly 12”-24” tall & 15”-20” wide.


Rich-colored buds that cover the lush, minty-basil-scented, dark green foliage open to show-stopping, electric blooms. This carefree, naturally rounded plant with a uniform habit is truly mildew free. Plant in masses for an inviting display of color in sunny borders and containers. An herbaceous perennial that needs partial to full sun & reaches roughly 15”-18” tall by 12”-15” wide.



Create a dramatic accent with this tough and reliable perennial. Performs better than others in hot, humid summers and wet winters. Hummingbird, butterfly & bird friendly, plus easy to care for. An herbaceous perennial that needs partial to full sun & reaches roughly 30”-36” tall by 12” wide.


Tall, vibrant spikes of intense colored flowers on erect stems that emerge above the compact, shrub-like clump of dense, fragrant, gray-green foliage. A great deer and rabbit resistant choice for infusing borders and containers with stunning color. An herbaceous perennial that needs full & reaches roughly 18” tall by 24” wide.



Especially vibrant in spring, this easy perennial continues blooming into summer's heat and often through winter in mild coastal areas, where the narrow, gray-green foliage may also stay year-round. Bright shades of flowers are perfect in mixed borders, cottage and cutting gardens. Mildly drought tolerant in part shade, once established. Needs filtered to partial sun, to easy to care for, butterflies love it & it reaches roughly 18”-24” tall & wide.


A fuss-free, heat-loving bloomer with large clusters of flowers on narrow stems held well above ferny, grey-green foliage clumps. Use to accent sunny borders and rock gardens, or in mass plantings to create a bold band of color throughout summer. A great cut flower, fresh or dried. An herbaceous perennial that needs full sun & reaches roughly 1’-2’ tall by 2’ wide.



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