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tsuga canadensis ‘Betty Rose’

An extremely slow-growing, mound with an irregular shape, this specimen produces white-tipped foliage that takes on a blush of light pink in spring. The tiny hemlock has many qualities a conifer collector desires: foliage, color and a tight, petite form.

Tsuga canadensis 'Cole's Prostrate'

An outstanding, underutilized hemlock, this spreading cultivar has stiff main branches that knuckle under & bend downwards to create a truly prostrate form. Gnarly interior branches show off the plant's silver bark, which adds dimension to the exceptional, low plant. Use the garden gem to drape over or around stones or walls in a site with partial shade.


Tsuga canadensis 'Golden Duchess'

Like a jewel in the landscape, this superb new dwarf nearly glows with golden yellow foliage on graceful, arching branches. Its low, mounding form and improved sun tolerance over other gold varieties makes it perfect for woodland or rock gardens. A stunning container specimen. Plant en masse for a truly dramatic effect.

tsuga canadensis 'Jervis'

Features tight, dark green foliage and a densely branched, broad pyramidal habit.  Will grow slowly in your garden in an irregular form, making it an interesting focal point that will not outgrow its place. The prominent buds and short twiggy growth make this a unique plant, adding year round interest to any garden.


Tsuga canadensis 'Moon Frost'

Bright, white, new growth with older, inner foliage that retains a light tone combine to give this plant a distinctly white appearance. In winter foliage takes on a blush of pink. A compact globe when young, 'Moon Frost' broadens & increases its growth rate with age, but remains a reliably small, dwarf plant.

Tsuga canadensis 'pendula'

A most graceful dense mounding shrub with broadly spreading branches that create a weeping effect with the deep green, finely textured foliage. An exceptional accent for large rock gardens or border plantings. Thrives in full sun to full shade.


Tsuga canadensis 'Summer Snow'

The new spring growth of this cultivar is white, which produces a striking contrast against the dark-green interior foliage on the fast-growing, upright, broad plant. Its size, shape & colorful growth make it an extremely useful highlight for shade gardens. 

Tsuga diversifolia 'Loowit'

Small, blunt needles look like green grains of rice interspersed with tiny brown buds. Diminutive branches crowded with branchlets form a tight, congested bun. This dwarf hemlock was selected from seed collected in the high alpine region of Fukushima prefecture, Japan. It was given the Native American name for Mt. St. Helens, Iseli Nursery's famous volcanic neighbor.


Thuja heterophylla 'Thorsen's Weeping'

Rich, emerald-green foliage is arranged densely on the procumbent branches of this extraordinary small hemlock. When staked, the plant becomes a narrow, upright form with sweeping secondary branches that produce a full, soft look. It is strikingly beautiful both as a cascading form & as a groundcover, allowed to ramble through the understory.

Thuja mertensiana

Native to mountains along the Pacific coast, the Mountain Hemlock is an elegant species with stout branches clothed densely with gray-green, radically-arranged needles. Lend a mountain flavor to garden settings with a drift of several to create a striking alpine scene or site a specimen to make a handsome focal point.


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