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An Acer palmatum whose name means "male lion's head".  One of the best attributes is the brilliant rose color of the spring foliage. Has yellow with red coloring in fall. One of the best color displays in the maple world.  Reaches roughly 8' X 8' in size.

Olsen's Frosted Strawberry

An Acer palmatum that will attract attention in your landscape. Leaves emerge with strawberry cream colors & then change into a lovely variegate. Semi slow growing & weeping in habit. Seems to hold the heat & tolerate sun well.  Needs PM shade for best color.  Reaches roughly 8' X 8' in size.


Peaches And Cream

This Acer palmatum starts with a rosy peach color wash over creamy white, then adds in the green veining, creating a total show stopper in the garden. Fall color is a pastel yellow to orange.  A nice variety for a garden in part shade. Reaches roughly 8' X 8'.

Peve Multicolor

A dwarf Acer palmatum with thin branches & a bushy upright form. Small thin leaves have five serrated & pointed lobes. Spring foliage is green frosted with pink & white that turns to blended colors in the fall. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. Reaches roughly 6' X 6' in size.


Peve Stanley

A medium size upright tree with a light airy crown. Small purple-red leaves are deeply dissected and have a three-dimensional look. Spring color is purple-to-red & fall color is orange-to-red. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. Reaches roughly 8' X 4' in size.


A miniature version of the Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'. Pixie is a nice dwarf maple that has leaves that they are a bright red in spring, gradually changing to deep red throughout the summer & bright scarlet in autumn. Sun/part shade & great in containers.  Reaches roughly 10' X 8' in size.



This fairly recent Acer palmatum introduction has stunning variegation that looks as though it has been painted on. The pink & white patches & spots are almost more prevalent than the green portions in the spring.  Leaves change to an orange-red in fall, giving this maple outstanding coloration all year. Needs PM shade & reaches roughly 10' X 6' in size.


An amazing, highly sought-after variety.  A small deciduous upright Acer palmatum with purple leaves that are splashed with pink. The variegation can vary from leaf to leaf. Fall color is a strong red. Prefers sun/partial shade in well-drained soil. Reaches roughly 8' X 6' in size.


Red Pygmy

An exceptional red Acer palmatum that has distinctive, narrow leaves. They arrive maroon in spring, hold their color through early summer, then gradually fade to green as summer winds down. The slow-growing, compact tree develops a broad, spherical shape, especially when compared with other linear types.  Reaches roughly 10' X 8' in size.

Rhode Island Red

An outstanding new dwarf Acer palmatum, this upright tree boasts very dense, compact branching, which yields a round-to-ovate outline. It has bright red, spring flush that darkens as leaves mature. Fall foliage is outstanding orange to red & in winter, dark red stems add drama to the scene. Reaches roughly 8' X 8' in size.



This is the most pendulous Japanese maple on the market today. If not staked, it becomes a ground cover & when grown in a container it can resemble ivy cascading down past the bottom of the pot. Spring color is bright green & fall color is gold & orange.  Reaches roughly 6' X 4' in size.

Sharp's Pygmy

An outstanding miniature maple with small, green, palmate leaves with coarse margins from spring through summer; in fall, dramatic red leaves give way to a great branch structure for winter. Great in the containers, the courtyard or patio bed, or for bonsai.  Reaches roughly 6' X 6' in size.


Shidava Gold

A wonderful dwarf Acer palmatum that is highly desirable. This dwarf has soft yellow spring color, bright green leaves & stems in summer & yellow to orange coloring in the fall. Sun/part shade & leaves nicely layer on top of each other.  Reaches roughly 5' X 4' in size.

Skeeter's broom

A very nice dwarf Acer palmatum that arose from a witch's broom of 'Bloodgood'.  It is stronger and easier to grow than some of the other witches brooms.  Skeeter's broom has bright red spring color, becoming burgundy red foliage in the summer, and bright red again in the fall.  Reaches roughly 10' X 6' in size.



A dwarf variety with a spreading habit that has small green leaves with a purple edge in spring and summer. Fall color is yellow to orange. Reaches roughly 4' X 2' in size.


An Acer palmatum whose leaves are either entirely pink, or have thick pink margins with green centers. The pink remains throughout the summer & fall. An extremely rare & unsual maple that reaches roughly 7' X 4' in size.


Ueno Homare

A rare Acer palmatum variety that boasts outstanding orange-yellow color in early spring. This dwarf is somewhat compact & upright. Summer leaves fade to a light yellow green then turn bright red orange in fall. Heat & sun tolerant. Reaches roughly 10' X 8'.

Winter Flame

An Acer palmatum cultivar that has green leaves that take on a yellow, orange & red coloring with the bark a bright coral red in winter. Great for winter interest.  Reaches roughly 8' x 6' in size.


Winter Gold

A great uncommon, upright yellow-leafed specimen reputed to have golden-yellow twigs in winter.  Has soft yellow coloring in spring that turns bright yellow in fall.  Reaches roughly 7' X 4' in size.


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