Gift Ideas For The Gardener

Amarylis in front of xmas tree

It’s time for my annual column on gift ideas for the gardener in your life.  Here are some things that I wouldn’t mind receiving for Christmas...


The Old Farmer’s Almanac and/or Desk Calendar — These make a great stocking stuffer and are chocked-full of useful information, with a bit of humor thrown in.  Both publications will help keep you on task during the 2017 gardening season.  Price: $6.99-$12.99.


Jellybean Rugs — These colorful rugs are made from recycled materials and are good for indoors or outdoors.  They are machine washable and fade resistant.  Perfect for placing just inside the house where you can remove those muddy boots after working in the winter garden.  Price: $36.99  


5 X 6 foot Greenhouse by Flowerhouse — Every gardener wants a greenhouse to play in during the cold and dark winter months.  This one comes with built in benches, three different covers and is easy to set up (no tools required).  Price: $200-$300


Radius Tools - These are the tools with the funny looking colorful circular handles that are designed to reduce fatigue.  You will find shovels, forks, edgers, weeders, transplanters and just about every configuration you can imagine in these well-made tools.  Despite their goofy look, these round handles actually work.  Price: $39.99-$59.99


Botanical Interest Seed Sprouter -  Sprouting seeds is easy and a nutritious way to eat your vegetables, whether you put them on sandwiches, salads or blend them into your smoothie.  Botanical Interest has a wonderful collection of different types of seeds suitable for sprouting so you don’t have to settle for just alfalfa or mung beans.  Price: Sprouter runs around $24.00 and the assorted seed packets range from $2.99 to $3.99. 


Maritime Northwest Garden Guide - This is a locally produced “bible” on growing veggies and fruits in the Pacific Northwest and is great reading material for those winter days when it is too cold or wet to go outside.  They sell for under $20 and will become one of your favorite reference books whether your are a casual or hardcore gardener.


Compost Sak — This is a great idea for composting.  The “Sak” is a felt fabric 30 inches wide by 38 inches tall and holds 12 cubic feet of finished compost.  The fabric is breathable which helps enhance the whole composting process and is also washable.  It is made in the U.S.A. and will last for several years.  Price: $45


Northwest Flower and Garden Show tickets — You can save $5 off the day of show price if you purchase your tickets now to this delightful garden show that runs February 22nd through the 26th at the Washington State Convention Center.  Nothing gets you in the mood for spring faster than a trip to this show.  Price: $17 now or $22 when the show starts.


Gift certificates — This is a no-brainer.  Every retailer on earth sells gift certificates and if you just can’t seem to find that perfect gift then a gift certificate that can be redeemed in the spring, when the weather is much better and the selection much broader, may just do the trick.  And best of all, you never have to return a gift certificate because it is the wrong size or color.  Just remember to put it somewhere so you can find it later.


Hope this gives you some ideas to get started on.  Next week I will focus on plants that any respectable gardener would love to have in their garden.